We write all sorts of reports. A customer has just but to provide some supporting material and the report will exceed your expectations.

Research proposals and Research Papers

Are you having trouble outlining your research project? We can help with that and write your research papers as well. Unlike other writing sites, we only allow a handful of writers to take these orders. We choose writers that have recently graduated from college to undertake the order because their research background is stronger and they mind less about the many hours that are spent exploring a certain topic.


We can write reviews about anything you would like. Books, movies, songs, plays, websites etc. Just upload the materials and we shall write reviews for you.


Are you having trouble penning down an important speech? Struggle no more. Just tell us what you would like to give a speech about and we shall turn your words into an eloquently expressed speech.


 We make summaries on various topics.

Term Papers

Writing term papers is hectic and time consuming for most students. We always do our best to help our customers make exemplary performance without much hustle.


We are always happy to assist students taking honorary studies to write their thesis. We assign these orders to writers with great experience in the field for exemplary results.

Additionally, we accept:

Multiple choice orders offered at special prices.

The multiple-choice orders should however have clear options (i.e. A, B, C, D E) for our writers to choose from.

Editing and proof-reading orders

Editing and proofreading involves checking for grammatical errors, plagiarism and inconsistencies. Please note that proof reading a paper is not rewriting it. Our writers cannot make changes that exceed 30% of the uploaded text. They can only fix the errors they come across, check for other inconsistencies and detect any plagiarism. If a paper is plagiarized, we shall inform you and have the writer play with the word order but they cannot rewrite the paper for you. The final paper may not have any mistakes but please do not expect it to be drastically different from the original text.

Admission cover letters, essays and personal statements.

We understand how important admission cover letters and personal statements are to your education and career. That is why we take extra effort to deliver high-quality essays to help you win that scholarship or job. It is usual for first time customers to doubt our ability to deliver. It may put you at ease to know that we have actually helped a lot of students to get into their dream schools and get scholarships. Feel free to review their feedback to dispel any doubt you may have. 

PowerPoint Presentations.

We make exemplary PowerPoint presentations. This service is not only limited to students but professionals from all fields as well. The price for PowerPoint presentations is half the price of written from scratch orders although we charge additional notes at the normal rate.

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