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Unit 8 assignment 1 – Recruitment and selection process for a business

Unit 8 assignment 1 – Recruitment and selection process for a business


Unit 8 assignment 1 - Recruitment and selection process for a business

Business Finance (Brunel University London)


Explain how a large business recruits and selects giving reasons for the processes. NatWest

An organisation like NatWest needs to follow a recruitment process in other to ind the appropriate staf for the company.

First of all NatWest will have to identifying the vacancies in the business. Vacancies can occur because an employee has to be replaced either because he/she retired, was promoted, moved to a diferent job, or was recruited to a diferent department. In addition, vacancies can be a result of new department or a new product was introduced into the business.

Secondly, NatWest need to make a job description, this will highlight duties and responsibilities that they job requires. For example a bank cashier work in for NatWest has to interact with customers by helping them, the job is also fairly sales-orientated, so you’ll need to think on your feet and spot potential sales leads to help the branch meet its targets. You will also be required to perform basic bank transactions such as: cashing cheques, checking statements, processing payments, making money transfers, updating account details. So if NatWest want to ind the best people for the job then they job description needs to be detailed and it needs to make it clear what is expected from employees.

Next, NatWest has to write a person speciication. The person speciication is a description of the qualiications, skills, experience, knowledge and other attributes that a candidate must possess to perform the job duties. The purpose of the person speciation is to make it easier for NatWest to ind the most qualiied people. For example, if a person is applying for a position in NatWest as bank manager they are required to have good communication skills, have to be well organized and have basic computing skills like word processing, databases and emails. They bank manager has to be experienced in managing a team or individuals, project management. They qualiications required to become a NatWest manager include a degree or postgraduate degree in Finance, Banking or Economics or other relevant disciplines.

Ater this, NatWest has to advertise the any vacancies in order to attract skilled employees. NatWest can use internal methods to advertise a vacancy; internal recruitment means that employees that are already in the business ill up the vacancy. An example of an internal method would be job posting inside the business; Job posting is when an employer alerts current employees about a future job opening, advertisement may appear on the company’s bulletin board. This is oten done when a department in the company requires extra help to meet its deadline. However, NatWest also have the option to advertise vacancies externally, this means that vacancies will be advertised to people outside of the business. This can be done by posting about current vacancies on the NatWest website, NatWest can also place posters to draw attention of workers.

Next, Candidates have to apply for the position. NatWest allows candidates to apply for jobs through their website, candidates find the role they want, and click the ‘Apply’ button to

open the application form. They will then be asked to upload their CV and enter personal information, including your email address. You can use your email address later to log in and track your application. Candidates will have to provide information on why they are the right person for the job.

The next, candidates are shortlisted depending on their application form, candidates that it the jobs have application forms that it the job description and person speciication. For example if a person is applying for a place as bank manager they need communication skills, leadership skills, need to be well organized etc.

NatWest conducts interviews dependant on the role the candidate is applying to do. Some jobs will require a face-to-face interview while orders require a video interview. Major roles have to face a face-to-face interview, this is because they role is more important so it is essential for NatWest to hire the right candidate. When doing a face-to-face interview it is easier to observe things like appearance. Other roles like branch-based and telephony roles will require the candidate to complete a video interview, as

Ater NatWest has decided exactly what skills you are looking for in an employee they tailor the interviewing and selection process to hone in on people with those skills. They look at what strengths your current team is missing. For example if NatWest have ive people who are great at written communications but struggle presenting to a large audience, select a person who can help ill that gap. If you don’t ind a match during the irst round of interviews, start again.


Explain how and why a business adheres to recruitment process which are ethical and comply with current employment.

Rules and legislations have been set by the government to conduct the recruitment and selection process. These acts ensure that every candidate has an equal opportunity at getting the job.

The equality act 2010

The equality act protects people from discrimination in the workplace. The act use to be split into several parts, this includes Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Race Relations Act 1976, Disability Discrimination Act 1995. This meant that if you were a victim of inequality you would have to refer

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