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Ramadan or Eid or National Day campaign


FINAL PROJECT (GROUP OR PAIR OR INDIVIDUAL – depending on convenience)

Working in groups or pairs or individually (depending on convenience –  I prefer group as you can have more ideas and spread the work among you), you are required to suggest a Ramadan or Eid or National Day campaign for a local/international company for the KSA market. The campaign can be for TV ads, prints ads or any other media. 

You are required to suggest a campaign for a company based on the concepts from Chapter 6: Advertising Design. Aside from describing how your campaign will be, you need to explain about the message strategies, types of appeal, and executional framework. You also need to state what types of media you will choose and your reasoning (Chapters 7 and 8). You also should ensure there is a cohesive argument in relations to the advertising design, media chosen with your product and target market.

The report should be in Times New Roman font, size 12, 1.5 spacing. The overall layout must be organized, with adequate structure, and correct spelling and grammar. Please use proper referencing technique – use the APA style for your in-text references and reference list at the end of your documents. Generally, the report should be in this order:

  • Introduction to report
    • General information about the company and campaign (1 paragraph)
  • Background of Company (1 paragraph)
  • Campaign information
    • Product or service to be promoted (1/2 to 1 paragraph)
    • Target market (and justify your chosen answer) (1/2 to 1 paragraph)
    • Campaign description (including whether it is for Ramadan or Eid or National Day campaign) (1 paragraph)
    • Other relevant information about the campaign (if relevant)
  • Advertising Design and Media for Campaign
    • Advertising Design (Chapter 6) – (1 to 3 paragraphs)
      • Message Strategies (and justify your chosen answer)
      • Types of Appeal (and justify your chosen answer)
      • Executional Framework (and justify your chosen answer)
    • Media Design (Chapter 7 and 8: Traditional and Digital media)
      • What types of combination of media did you chose (and justify your chosen answer) (1 paragraph)
  • Conclusion (1 paragraph)
  • References (if needed)

Please submit the soft copy (on 1/12/2020) by midnight on Blackboard. Soft copies will be run against anti-plagiarism tool to detect copied materials. Therefore, please summarize points or paraphrase and make sure you reference the sources. Marks will be deducted from those who submitted reports with a lot of similarities with other work (journal article, website info, newspaper article or magazines and other people’s work).

Rubrics for the project is as below.

IDEASBackground of Company and product/service to be promotedMissing important information about company and product/serviceAdequate information about company and product/serviceExcellent coverage of company and product/service
Target marketRepetitive or lack of clear pointSatisfactory argumentExcellent argument
Campaign descriptionNo example given  Adequate examples with no connection to the ideasRelevant examples which connect to the ideas
Advertising design – message strategiesRepetitive or lack of clear pointSatisfactory argumentExcellent argument
Advertising design – types of appealRepetitive or lack of clear pointSatisfactory argumentExcellent argument
Advertising design – executional frameworkNo example givenAdequate examples with no connection to the ideasRelevant examples which connect to the ideas
Media designRepetitive or lack of clear pointSatisfactory argumentExcellent argument
ReferencesNo reference  Available but inadequate, no proper referencingComprehensive compilation of reference  
ORGANIZATIONLayoutPoor labelling of sections, sub- topics, tables and figuresImproper and inconsistent labelling  Sections, sub- topics, tables and figures are clearly labelled
SentencingPoor sentence connection, long sentencesAcceptable sentencing but not clear enoughExcellent connection with clear sentences

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