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Racial Identity Issues and Bad Leadership

Racial Identity Issues and Bad Leadership


Diversity Issues and Bad Leadership

In the video, Rachel Dolezal, a civil rights leader tries to explain her controversial identity as a black. On the other hand, her interviewer, NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie takes a pragmatic and direct approach to get Dolezal’s explanations on her choice to associate herself on controversial racial identification. This way, Guthrie uses past information about her interviewee to dig deeper into her stand on racial identity. For instance, Guthrie cites her birth certificate that indicates that she is a white woman. However, Dolezal emphasizes the fact that she does not really accept her parents’ information regarding her identity (“Rachel Dolezal: ‘Nothing About Being White Describes Who I Am’”, 2017).

To remain clean in her quest to emphasize her racial identity, Dolezal cites her decision to resign as the president of the NAACP’s Spokane. In my own point of view, leadership means taking a strong grasp at your point of view (Burns, 2012). This is exactly what Dolezal shows. However, leaders should avoid issues that bring a about a lot of controversies because they can distract the brighter side of their leadership. In this case, her organization was based on fighting for the rights of colored people and that is what brought her into the public attention. Hence, it is evident that she does not fear illustrating her courage as a leader especially on critical matters.

In own opinion, Dolezal has the right to state her racial identity especially when she is coerced by the public on the matter. The fact that she was the president of an organization that deals with issues revolving around racial identity implies that her identity is a matter of concern to the general public. However, the contradicting information about her background compromises her leadership face (Burns, 2012). For instance, going against her parents’ choice of her race was definitely an issue that tarnishes her leadership qualities.


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