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Psychological and Social Aspects Essay

Psychological and Social Aspects Essay

Psychological and Social Aspects of Emergencies / Disasters

Values, theories and the aptness of mental health intervention have been greatly practiced, published and discussed to address the ever increasing post traumatic stress disorders as a result of social degradation, man made and natural calamities. The post traumatic stress disorder, as a disorder results in many cases in America. However, it has been argued to be a condition that has no great consequence in most second and third world countries, whose populations largely live on low incomes, mostly under a dollar a day. These observers suggest that models of ailments and subsequent treatment in western cultures do not necessarily have the same desired effects in other cultures.

Denying the aspect of post traumatic stress disorder is however, perceived as professional negligence.

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a fairly new and debatable form of psychotherapy. It was formulated an

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