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Essay on Project Management examples

Essay on Project Management examples


In consideration of the fact that the project management is a profession that relates to acquiring and applying the professionally gained skills to achieve a set of goals. Projects are determined by factors such as the cost, the time scope, quality of work among other factors that result if facilitating excellent outcome for projects (Barkley, 2014). Arguably, there are several career goals that anyone who acquires skills affiliated with the project management profession intends to fulfill. First, these individuals will seek to understand the appropriate approaches that one can use to complete projects on time without suffering budget setbacks. Also, one would wish to understand the skills necessary for one to demonstrate the character traits of being a good communicator. Further, in the context of long-term career goals, one would wish to understand how one can conduct his or her roles in a strategic manner together with understanding the professional ways of evaluating financial impacts on projects. Project Management skills assist individuals to actualize these dreams considering that the career goals cannot be achieved if one does not have the professional skills to execute them (Singleton, 2013).

In the context of professional certification, one gains absolute value in the industrial world and precisely becomes a highly demanded resource by the players in that particular sector. For instance, professional certification in the Project Management Profession and under the project management institute adds value to my career as an executive administrator (Singleton, 2013). Particularly, the role of an executive administrator will oscillate around conducting project management roles will optimal skills, knowledge and to ascertain that the projects are completed successfully and on time. The credential is proof that I have the knowledge, experience and expertise to perform my roles from a local to a global context without failing to deliver the desired results.


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