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Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper

Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper

Paper instructions:

Select a current or past project you have been involved with in your organization or community; this can also be made up

Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words that includes the following elements:
•A brief description of the project, including an identification of the primary goals of the project
•A description of how this project met the definition and characteristics of a project as defined in Ch. 1 of Project Management. Why would you consider it a project rather than day-to-day work?
•A description of the organizational structure, based on the structures discussed in Ch. 2 of Project Management. Explain how this project fits within the organizational structure. Explain the pros and cons of the organizational structure in terms of the project outcomes.
•A description of the culture of the organization that includes concepts from Ch. 3 of Project Management. How did the cultural norms affect this project from a positive or negative perspective?

The attachments is from the book - Project Management:  The Managerial Process 6th edition - authors are Erik Larson and Clifford Gary

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Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper


A project is a temporary enterprise established and undertaken to generate a unique product, service or result within a defined life span. However, project management is a process which the identified project is initiated, planned, executed, and controlled to ensure the project team work accomplishes the set specific goals and outcomes.  Since the process is result-oriented, its primary functions involves balancing the trade-offs between time, cost, and performance while satisfying customers’ needs (Gray & Larson, 2014). This paper describes a number of project management concepts and their application within an identified project I got involved within the community.

In 2014, I participated in a project aimed at reducing the number of obese adolescents within the community. The local public health survey data reported about 55% of adolescents being obese, which increased their potential health risk to various chronic diseases. The project

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