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Essay on Personal and Professional Health Care

Essay on Personal and Professional Health Care

Personal and Professional Health Care Communication Paper

A definition of health care communication: Communication can be described as the conveying of information from one party to another dependent on each party’s ability to comprehensively comprehend the relevance of the information being shared and more so the rules with which such information should be governed.  According to the Department of Health and Human Services, health care communication has been defined as the perfected art and acquired technique crucial to appropriately informing, positively influencing and effectively motivating health care professionals, institutions and the general public on fundamentally crucial health care issues. Health care communication should effectively encompass issues critical to disease prevention, the promoting of improved health care, policies adopted to improve on health care as well as improve on quality of life and general health of peoples in a given community.

The relevancy of effective personal health care communication with other health care professionals, clients, patients: a health care team can be considered as all the professionally trained medical personal integral to the provision of health care and the patients and clients involved in the dispensation of ensuring a healthy community. All the members of a health care team are tasked with carrying out very important roles in a health care environment. However, it is worthy to note that the role played by each member of a health care team is different and thus the need for proper and sufficient health care communication abilities.

According to Federal Agency for Health care Research and Quality (AHRQ) effective health care communication abilities provides the basis for improved levels of partnership involving the medical practitioners, the patients themselves and the patients families when the need so dictates in an effort to making professional decisions which encompass a patient’s wants needs and or preferred treatment. Health care professionals more so nurses should use their health

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