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Write an essay on Legalization of marijuana


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Currently, analyzing the statistics, the use of Marijuana is abused by an approximate of 15 million people. 40% of made arrests are also marijuana related. Marijuana has become a real problem not only in United State but worldwide. There is a need to promote non-abuse strategies so as to discourage any efforts to legalize the drug and efforts that continue to encourage the use of the substance .Authorities should find ways to reduce totally the consumption of the devious drug. The paper aims to analyze disadvantages of legalization marijuana, possible mechanisms to control the use of the drug.

Reasons not to legalize marijuana

Marijuana is an herb that intoxicates the mind of a person. In America, it is commonly known as weed that has a scientific name of cannabis. It is proved to provoke artificial emotions and is a dangerous drug that affects human health harmfully. Health expert’s state that the continuous use of this drug will be very volatile to health and also cause an addiction, which will not be easy to break. Marijuana has a number of side effects. It has chemicals which are known as the cannabinoids, which attack the central nervous system and make people high. The side effects associated with weed are memory loss, learning problems, distorted perception, and inability to solve problems. The long term effects of smoking marijuana are lung diseases and chronic cough, lack of motivation and a decreased sexual desire, weight loss and different types of cancer (Hub Pages). The effects are not beneficial to people who experience unpleasant thoughts and eventual paranoid feelings.


Marijuana used for a long term is very dangerous to the health of a person. What people can possibly get using marijuana is relaxation, a sense of well-being, increased appetite, and music appreciation. All these are not worthy the health of a person.  The consequences of legalizing this drug will be deplorable. People will experience increased lung related diseases, attacks of cancer. Many young men will be incapable of solving problems and also lose their memory. Currently, smoking and alcohol drinking have increased the rate of cancer cases in the state. The legalization of marijuana will double that rate. People, who are against legalization of marijuana, claim authorities to analyze all pros and cons of their intention.

The strategies of the state to cash in from taxing marijuana operations are ill-advised. The government will get money to the state budget by mean of marijuana’s legalization. However, it will face a lot of problems in the future considering the number of children and young men who will be exposed to this drug. The authority will have to use money to finance drug sensitization programs, rehabilitation centers, treatment of addicted people. The government and state of California should impose more penalties to marijuana criminals.

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