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Why is the Gaming Industry So Prosperous?


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Why is the Gaming Industry So Prosperous?

Gaming refers to running of special applications that are also known as video or electronic games on game consoles such as Playstation and X-box on personal computers. In as much as the term “gaming” was derived as a synonym for gambling, most current electronic games are not gambling centered in the traditional sense Initially, the gaming industry was a fringe activity, but latest developments have seen it evolve to join the mainstream. The major trends that are attributed to the rise of the gaming industry are creativity, game addiction, and the return of classics.

The gaming industry has evolved from a set of backyard innovators to a multi-billion dollar industry that features many companies. In essence, the gaming industry is more agile in terms of technology and innovation as opposed to other media. It is this unique creativity that makes the industry cut quickly and move forward to the next trend.  For instance, massive creativity in game design has been seen in recent times. Overwatch by Activision Blizzard and Fortnite by Epic Games are a perfect example of games that introduce a special twist on the genre of the first-person shooter, which was initially dominated by military themes (Peabody, 2011). In essence, games are becoming more immersive and cinematic owing to the advances in graphics technology, which makes them more interesting both to play and to watch.

In addition, the creation of addictive games that are “free to play” is also another factor behind the prosperity of the gaming industry. In the 1990s, video games were mostly “premium” and this implied paying a one-time fee to have unlimited access. Latest developments have resulted in Free to Play (FTP) models which enable many players to play the games for free (Waters, 2004). Eventually, a few key players become addicted and end up spending a vast fortune for special content. The main aim of an FTP game is to lure as many players as possible and get them addicted so that they can keep purchasing the in-game content that includes things like digital trophies, visual enhancements, and virtual goods. Besides, gaming companies today employ the same techniques used by casinos with customer addiction as the motive. The use of fake currency such as cards or poker chips creates a disassociation effect on the gamer that remains oblivious to the amount of real money they are spending.

Lastly, modern gaming is designed to induce a sense of nostalgia in the users. Recently, game makers such as Nintendo reintroduced classic games from the past with the sole aim of tapping into the memories which many former players had during their childhoods. For instance, Nintendo rolled out classic digital versions of the original SNES and NES consoles, and this saw a sharp rise in demand for these systems to the point that the company a difficult time satisfying the market needs (Yu, 2004). The success of Nintendo also inspired Sony to launch the classic PlayStation, which features the original titles that date back to the 1990s original PlayStation console. In essence, this trend illustrates that the gaming industry is beginning to mirror the film industry with respect to keeping a vault of old titles where both new and older gamers can return to over and over.

In conclusion, companies in the gaming industry are realizing prosperity due to great innovation. Through constant creativity, these companies realized the unique passion among millions of gamers that are ready to spend a lot of money on multiple games a year. In addition, games are very addictive and have transformed into an art form now. The companies have mixed everything from design, music, and all manner of technology into a single product that allows the gamers to immerse themselves in the product and feel like they are a part of it. Lastly, many companies have introduced classical-oriented games which are very nostalgic to the gamer. It is evident that the gaming industry continues to prosper as the film industry is deteriorating by the day. The way the business is done is more likely to be the reason behind this.


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