Why is the concept of “development” a subject of debate? What concept of development do you think is most appropriate in the 21st century, and why? - Essay Prowess

Why is the concept of “development” a subject of debate? What concept of development do you think is most appropriate in the 21st century, and why?

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Why is the concept of “development a subject of debate?  What concept of development do you think is most appropriate in the 21st century, and why?

  1. Drawing on Acemoglu and Robinson, analyze the relationship between capitalism and democracy as it relates to the process of development. Drawing on Acemoglu and Robinson, explain how growth can take place under extractive institutions. Give specific examples from “Why Nations Fail.”
  • Discuss different dimensions of globalization (related to development) and recent trends.  Explain how globalization can affect various regions in the world differently. Why might some countries be characterized as “winning” in the globalization process? What explains that others may be losing?
  • Compare and contrast the Washington consensus and Brussels consensus with the Beijing consensus.
  • Drawing on the material presented in class and relevant readings, discuss the rise of the West starting with the Commercial Revolution (the Renaissance). What are the explanations for the European expansion during the 15th century and beyond?
  • Drawing on Acemoglu and Robinson, discuss how economic development in some parts can provoke “underdevelopment” elsewhere. Be able to explain their concept of “reversing development.”
  • Is China unique as a country in the global South?  Explain why this may be the case. To what extent can/should its development process be emulated by other developing countries?
  • Drawing on various theoretical perspectives, discuss the possible role that states can play in development. Be able to draw on insights developed by Karl Marx and Adam Smith.

10. Comment on the importance of multilateral institutions in international development. Given the unequal distribution of power and wealth, how can multilateral institutions produce more equitable development outcomes?

11. Review Easterly’s argument in The White Man Burden. According to the author, why did the Western foreign aid efforts fail to bring a desired result? Be able to discuss his views on what he calls “utopianism” in detail. Drawing on the same book, discuss “Planners” v. “Searchers” and “ambulance” in aid metaphors.

12.  Why have so many women failed to benefit from development initiatives?

14. Why is Ester Boserup’s work (1970) very significant in the field of gender and development?

15. How do the authors of “Half the Sky” (Kristof and WuDunn) make the argument that women’s rights are crucial to the development?  Why do they argue that “the girls’ plight is an opportunity”? (independent reading and assigned videos)

16. Explore Eric Boos and Karene Boos’s argument about women’s land ownership rights in Tanzania.  According to Boos, why is it so difficult to empower women with land ownership rights in the case of Tanzania? (independent reading)

17. (Drawing on the simulation pursued in class): What are the issues with democratization in Bahrain?  What are the main obstacles to democratization in this country?  What can the US do (if anything) to help this process?

18. Drawing on the article by Bishop on democracy and development, explore the relationship between these two concepts.  Analyze different combinations (e.g., development facilitates democracy; democracy facilitates development, etc.)

19. Explain the relationship between urbanization, food security, sexual and reproductive health, population growth and development (“Discussion leader” papers, D2L). How has urbanization been pursued differently in developed v. developing countries?

20. What approaches have IOs taken regarding urbanization? Which IOs have been most actively involved in addressing issues associated with urbanization?

21. What is a theoretical case for free trade?  Why is it so difficult to grasp? Why is there resistance to free trade among the public and the politicians?

22. Explain the difference between “specialized agencies” and “organs” in the UN system.  Give examples of each, and explain how they contribute to development.

23. Describe the visions of non-Western actors engaged in international development.  By and large, have these visions been successful? Why or why not?

24. Explain the main principles and structure of China’s “One Belt, One Road” (a.k.a. “Road and Belt Initiative”) project.  What are the potential geopolitical implications of this project?

25. What are the roles played by NGOs in international development?  What are the reasons for common failures of NGOs in this field?

26. What is technocratic approach to development (as explained by Easterly)? What is “authoritarian” development and why, according to Easterly, it has won?

27.  Be able to explain the relationship between “informal economy,” “informal settlements” and urbanization in the global South (Goodfellow’s essay).

29.  Discuss issues related to COVID-19 and international development: Which communities are most vulnerable?  What could be the impact of national policies of isolation?  What is the impact of COVID-19 on the current international system?  Is it likely to lead to conflict reduction? Why or why not?

30. Comment on how US is giving foreign aid.  What are the main principles behind giving?  Who are the major recipients?

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