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Why has Obesity Become a Worldwide Epidemic?


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  • Research Paper
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  • Why has Obesity Become a Worldwide Epidemic?
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  • 9 pages / 2475 words
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  • English & Literature
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  • Editing/Rewriting
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  • APA

Paper Instructions

(1) Define your issue, demonstrating your awareness that you are entering a conversation that contains competing perspectives on the issue;

(2) Make a focused claim about your issue (i.e., state an arguable thesis that locates your stance among the competing perspectives);

(3) Provide reasons that support your thesis;

(4) Provide evidence for each of your reasons (e.g., your own reasoning plus research if necessary);

(5) Anticipate objections from people with other perspectives and, when necessary, provide refutations; (6) Be aware of the unspoken/unwritten assumptions (values and beliefs) underlying both your claims and reasons as well as the claims and reasons of competing perspectives.\

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