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Why education is important?


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Why education is important

Education is a learning and teaching platform that maximizes the development of both teachers and students. It is done to enhance and to make an inherent change in a person’s thinking capacity. Over the years, it has been done in school environments to help students acquire knowledge and values through understanding. The definition of education can be understood by many based on its importance. Below are many different reasons as to why education is important.

Education gives one an opportunity to write and read; this is the first step of gaining knowledge. Writing and reading is the most appropriate way of getting information. Second, it allows one to have self dependency. Knowledge and values acquired by people make them rely on themselves especially in making decisions. Hence, it is easier for people to discipline themselves and realize how time is valuable for financial gain. Third, people gain self-confidence when they are knowledgeable. In this case, one is able to speak their mind and give opinions in issues and this will prove the knowledge gained through education (Gibbs & Nunn). Self-confidence is an important part of life and its success. Finally, there will be an economic growth in an educated world due to innovations. It has been researched that the economic situation of countries that has higher literacy rates is better. Through this, there will be more employment opportunities open to many.

Good life is achieved through good education and it is therefore the basic right to everyone. There are new understandings in things that happens in society especially the current pandemic of COVID-19. Hence, a successful career is beneficial in society through means of education.


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