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White Privilege Type of paper:


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White Privilege Type of paper:

Term paper Discipline:

English and Literature Format or citation style:

In description Paper instructions:This is a Term paper on white privilege. I have all the sources needed for the paper already. and will provide rubric and other info when writer has accepted.

Very Important to follow these guidelnes

–    In-text citations (Author’s Last Name Publication Year, Page Number)
o    Direct Quotes
    (Author Year: Page#)
o    Paraphrase/Restatement
    (Author Year)
–    If citing outside sources (i.e. not the textbook), include a bibliography with a full citation
o    For books:
    Author(s). Year. Title of Book. City, State: Publisher
o    For articles:
    Author(s). Year. “Title of Article.” Title of Journal Edition (Volume): Page Numbers
o    For online sources:
    Author(s). Year. “Title of Webpage.” Website URL. (Date Retrieved)

–    1-inch margins (top, bottom, sides)
–    Typed: 11 pt. Times New Roman, Calibri, or Cambria font, Double-Spaced

Your term paper will synthesize these assignments to answer the following questions.
1.    Why is this problem considered a “social problem”?
2.    When, how, and where did this problem originate?
3.    What other social problems are related to this problem?
4.    What groups are affected by it?
5.    Who benefits (or stands to gain) from the problem?
6.    Who is hurt by it?
7.    How does it affect you personally?
8.    What can be done, and by whom, to alleviate the problem?

The goal of this paper is for you to demonstrate your ability to apply your sociological imagination to answer these questions, keeping in mind how historical context, spatial context, social institutions, and group membership contribute to the experience of the social problem.

Please note that while the previous assignments have focused on describing various aspects of your social problem, the term paper is focused on the application of this information in order to fully answer these questions. It will not be sufficient to merely explain what is going on. You will need to use your sociological imagination to apply what you have learned in the course to your social problem.
Required Sources for Term Paper
–    Three news articles
o    One from a local context
o    One from a national context
o    One from an international context
–    Three peer-reviewed, sociological, research articles on the social problem
–    Two service learning experiences through the Center for Civic Engagement (one related to social problem and one unrelated to the social problem)
–    You may use any additional sources that you need to fully answer the required questions. However, please bear in mind the requirements of reliability for both news articles and peer-review research articles apply to any additional sources as well.