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Which methods require coding/HTML scripting experience/training?


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each question needs to be 150-200 and 1-2 resources 

1) There are several methods of updating information and data on a   webserver. We must consider who performs those updates upfront when we   design the website.

  1. Research three methods for updating webserver data. 
  2. Under what circumstances would each of these three methods be     appropriate/not recommended? 
  3. Do any of these methods     involve additional training or system configuration for the person     performing the updates? 
  4. Which methods require     coding/HTML scripting experience/training? Are any methods     appropriate for non-technical people?
  5. Some methods are more     secure than others are; elaborate.
  6. What is the best method     for updating information on our current webserver/website?

2)As more and more programming languages are developed for various   purposes, the industry has learned how to categorize languages based   upon their features, abilities, and power. These categories are called “Generations.”

  1. Research the current Generational Languages (GL) model. Where     does Python fall within that model? Why?
  2. Choose two other     languages within your industry. Determine where they fall within the     model and why.
  3. Based upon your research, do ALL programming     languages fit within the GL model? Why? Should it be expanded? What     would be your recommendations?