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When does Tripitaka pray and what for


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Homework Assignment for Module 8

Remember: A good paragraph is between 5 and ten sentences, has a topic sentence, uses evidence (paraphrased or quoted) from the sources, is interesting, spell-checked, properly punctuated, and clearly addresses the topic. Be sure to include page numbers for references to written sources and a time indicator for references to video material. Good homework assignments will have at least one and more likely 2 or three specific references to readings or videos from the module in each paragraph. Therefore excellent homework assignments will have about 10 page numbers or timestamps to demonstrate specific knowledge of readings and videos.

  1. When does Tripitaka pray and what for? What kinds of supernatural interventions do we see in this story?
  2. What dangers does Tripitaka face? How does he survive/escape them?
  3. How would you describe Tripitaka’s personality? What effect does he have on the people that he encounters?
  4. What happens in the Great Debate? What happens in the Great Almsgiving? What happens when Tripitaka returns home?
  5. Choose 2 quotations from different sections of the biography which you either really liked, really hated, didn’t understand or simply found interesting and discussion-worthy. Give each quote, with the page number it occurs on, and write a paragraph explaining why you chose each quotation. You may want to consider questions like: How does it fit in with what we’ve learned thus far, or represent something completely new? How does it give you insight or not?