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What types of therapies are available for Mesothelioma


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What types of therapies are available for Mesothelioma
The term Mesothelioma refers to a rare form of cancer that affects the epithelial tissue in the lungs. Asbestos are cited as the most common cause of three common types of malignant mesothelamia which are sarcomatid, mixed or biphasic and epitheloid mesothelioma. This cancer has in the past plagued societies where asbestos was widely used as roofing materials, insulation and other numerous purposes. As such, it served to drive down life expectancy in these societies. However, recent advances in mesothelioma treratment have reversed this trend enabling patients to live longer, productive lives.
There are four major treatment types and therapies available to mesothelioma patients. These are multimodal therapy, radiation, chemotherapy and surgery. The form of therapy and treatment offered is dependent on the type of mesothelioma, diagnosis, cancer development stage as well as the overall health status of the patient.
In instances where the cancer has spread to the lungs significantly, then doctors tend to treat prevalent symptoms in an effort to appraise the patients’ quality of life. Here, the patient is likely to be encouraged to take up radiation treatment and chemotherapy but not major surgery. A number of therapies are offered to these patients to enable patients to alleviate pain, respiratory problems as well as other symptoms.
Radiation therapy allows a patient to pacify pain and alleviate breathing problems. Chemotherapy on the other hand shrivels tumors thus calming chest pains and minimizing the prevalence of night sweats. The other treatment option available to mesothelioma is through major surgery to cut out tumors which present the dangerous symptoms or the surgical removal of fluids that tend to collect in a patients abdomen or chest cavities. Other novel therapies available include gene therapy, photodynamic therapy and gene therapy.

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