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What The kind of “hybrid”,


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you will find in the attachment file have 50 sources you should add 10 more references they should be new that means between 2015 -2018. So that total will be 60 references. you will use these 60 references to do the Excel spreadsheet.

For this assignment, you will make an Excel spreadsheet for all of your sources, following the model in Telling a Research Story p. 13. That is, you must include fields for: principal author’s last name, year, and source (i.e. journal, book, or website title). Then, you must add fields for these variables that are consistent across your sources and are relevant to your project. In the example, perspective, field, and provenance all function as variable fields. For every empirical study you have found and will find, you need to specify the research methods as variables:

a.       The kind of “hybrid”, “blended”, or other names

b.       The design (experiment, case study, longitudinal study, etc.)

c.       The groups (if experimental)

d.       The setting (subject, institution, etc.)

e.       The subjects/participants (students, adults, ages)

f.        The analysis that they use in their study.

g.       The findings that they have.

Note that the data in these fields are standardized: terms are used repeatedly and consistently across entries so that the data can be sorted. You should choose variable categories that will allow you to input this sort of data.