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What does the phrase “Living Simply” mean?


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What does the phrase “Living Simply” mean?

The phrase “living simply” is concerned with less consumption and mindful living. It is important to note that different people attain these ideals from varied directions such that lifestyles founded on living simply tend to be diverse (Håkansson and Phoebe 6). Under the umbrella of the living simply movement, the main concepts are self sufficiency, frugality, sustainable living and slow living. Note that, proponents of the living simply movement do not embrace all of the above stated concepts but most tend to subscribe to two or more. To begin with, frugal living entails an individual’s ability to live within his or her means such that they are able they are able to repay debts at an exceptional rate (Håkansson and Phoebe 16). In fact, it entails ethical consumption and often favors reducing consumption in an effort to address income deficits and increase happiness.

Secondly, slow living entails being able to restore a sense of balance in one’s life that is moving away from lifestyles characterized by superficial interactions, quick conversations and fast foods (Håkansson and Phoebe 19). In addition, slow living is concerned with awareness towards more mindful living lifestyles that restores harmony and reduces stress. Similarly, homesteading movement reflects varying degrees of self sufficient lifestyles especially in urban settings (Håkansson and Phoebe 21). As such, proponents of the movement produce their own power, food, collect rain water and recycle their own waste. Furthermore, it also encourages greater involvement in communal life, living green and telecommuting enabled by the internet. It entails minimizing the consumptions of Earth’s non renewable resources and environmental protection such that, its proponents vouch for organic foods, energy efficient construction designs and cycling rather than using motorized means. In conclusion, the living simply movement has been growing in recent years and encompasses different philosophies from self-sufficiency to slow food. Living simply is all about de-cluttering one’s life, true happiness and environmental protection.



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