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What do Women Want?


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What do Women Want?


Part 1: Choose one of the poems from this week and first do some interpretive analysis trying to determine what you feel this work is about, what important theme(s) you see in it, and so on. What is this poem about? What is the writer saying about humans, human life, human culture & society, or some specific aspect of theses. This part is important since it will help your reader see what you’re trying to do in the second part. 

Part 2: Then discuss how you might translate this poem into a song in order to capture any important theme(s) or ideas you see in the text that you feel the poet was trying to impart to readers. Connect your musical choices with this, being as detailed as you can about the singer, the type of voice(s), what instruments or instrumentation you might use, what rhythm (fast, slow, a combination?), how the song might proceed or change as it does, and so on. Note why you make the choices you do, connecting with possible theme(s), ideas or concepts you see in the poem. Give enough detail to help the reader actually hear this song. “Translate” this poem to music in a way that would make the poet proud. 

Write no less than 300 words; more is fine.  No response is required for this assignment unless you simply want to respond to another group’s post.

Here is the poem: https://poets.org/poem/what-do-women-want

What do Women Want?

            The poem focuses on one woman’s desire to buy and wear a red dress, which is a significant expression of who she truly is. Therefore, the author tries to explore a woman’s risk of becoming stereotyped by using metaphor and imagery to help in understanding what women want. Through an honest and harsh style, Addonizio shows the burden women face to prevent false impressions. In this poem, the author has concentrated on the stereotype that most women have to endure. For instance, the statement, “I want it too tight” shows that women want to be attractive and utilize their physical qualities and clothing to make this point (Addonizio, 1954).

           The poem figuratively shows how women are viewed as visual objects by men and how this has a negative impact on how they view their bodies and the desire to be attractive just so that they can attract men. The author also tries to show the oppression of women not being allowed to express themselves freely, and the narrator seems to want to disapprove this by doing what she truly desires.

           This poem can be translated into a love song that focuses on the beauty of a woman, not just by her appearance but by her confidence and courage to do what she desires. The poem focused on the desire the woman had to show her true self without being judged or sexualized. The singer will be female with a strong soprano voice that will highlight the delicacy of the woman. A violin will be the best instrument to use since it sparks emotions from the listeners and the words of the song will help them picture what the woman really desires; independence. A slow rhythm will be used to emphasize on the content of the song and also to help understand the different emotions the woman is going through while she pursues her desire to be accepted as she is without paying attention to preconceived stereotypes.   


Addonizio, K. (1954). What do women want? WW Norton & Company.

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