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What aspect of the criminal process did you find most interesting in this course?


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What aspect of the criminal process did you find most interesting in this course? 

I found the aspects of searches and seizures the most interesting in this course.  I knew that law enforcements officers had to have probable cause to search a vehicle but learning what constitutes probable cause was very helpful.  Also knowing that if officers are chasing a suspect into an unknown residence, they have the right to search the house for evidence that the suspect might have tried to get rid of. 

2) Which aspects of the criminal process do you think needed more study for you to fully understand?

I need to study more on the court procedures.  Knowing how courts process cases will be important, as officers are called upon to testify in some cases.  Having knowledge of the pretrial detention will teach others how some people can be left in the community before their trial date.  Whether they are released on recognizance, make bail, or have supervised release will depend on how much of a factor they are to public safety.

3) I would like everyone to share with each other what your next step is at APUS.  Are you enrolled in another course after this one?   Has this course got you thinking about taking a course that you had not previously considered?  Is there anything that I, as your instructor, can do to help you plan out your future courses at AMU/APU?

I am enrolled in another course that starts in Jan.  I will be continuing to complete my BA in Criminal Justice, so I can graduate next year. I only have a few left so I do not want to stop now!  My future courses are already planned out, thanks to the help of the advisors.  I