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What Are The Potential Benefits And Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Becoming Increasingly Common Place In Some Countries?


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What Are The Potential Benefits And Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Becoming Increasingly Common Place In Some Countries?


Cosmetic surgery is one of the elective surgeries performed to a person desiring to improve on personal appearance. Cosmetic surgery has become common in various countries across the world due to increasing demand among people, who value it associated benefits. Although the surgery meets the desire of many people, it has been associated with several risks to the people whom it is performed. This paper describes some of the potential benefits and dangers of cosmetic surgery.

For any form of surgery to be safe, it requires a competent and licenced medical practitioner, in order to meet the purpose of the patient. Conducting cosmetic surgeries creates employment opportunities among the cosmetic surgeons, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries hence improving the economy of different countries (Culyer 2014). Many prefer undergoing cosmetic surgery in order to improve their personal appearance. Cosmetic surgery offers this opportunity to those people with nagging flaws in their perception towards appearance. People who have a negative perception towards their appearance due to various things they perceive as nagging flaws in their body often have a low self-esteem (Furnham & Levitas 2012).

Many people, especially women apply makeups and alter their hairstyle in order to improve their appearance, self-esteem, and offer a positive impression to other people. Moreover, cosmetic surgery has offered an opportunity to reduce the effects associated with aging that consequently make people feel less confident. Aging causes various body changes including body shape and skin wrinkle that may generate negative self-talk, resulting to low self-esteem. The use of cosmetic surgery makes it easier to eliminate such flaws that lead to negative personal feelings, thus improving an individual’s personal appearance (Furnham & Levitas 2012).

However, all surgical procedures involve risks to physical complications including cosmetic surgery. The occurrence of physical complications depends on the health status of the individual and the competency of the cosmetic surgeon. However, some complications are unique according to the specific cosmetic surgery procedure performed. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) asserted women undergoing surgery of breast augmentation may develop excess breast hardening and scar tissue near the breast implant. Other physical complications include burns and pain due to invasive skin surgical procedures following the use of lasers. Besides, invasive cosmetic surgeries may lead to bacterial infection, especially where incisions are made on the body (Ann 2012).

Cosmetic surgery procedure may be expensive for many people to afford including the travelling cost and the cost of paying the cosmetic surgeon. Some people may make payment plans with the cosmetic surgeons or secure bank loans to meet the surgery expenses, leading to huge debts and financial problems. In addition, the cosmetic surgery may not meet the initial hopes and desires of the patient’s appearance leading to disappointment. Besides, the resulting physical complications, financial problems, and imperfect new look may further elevate disappointment leading to depression. Moreover, improving personal appearance may lead to relationship problems. Family members, friends, partners, co-workers, and the community may generate negative reactions towards the new personal appearance leading to a bad reputation and isolation. As a result, problems in relationships may lead to stigma and feelings of being insecure hence increasing the risk of depression (Ann 2012).


Cosmetic surgery has various potential benefits and dangers to the person whom it is performed. Apart from improving personal appearance and confidence, the procedure may improve a country’s economy through creation of employment among the cosmetic surgeons. However, the process is expensive, may lead to disappointment from its associated physical complications, and may create a bad relationship to an individual. Prior to making a final decision about undergoing a cosmetic surgery, it is vital to assess both its associated potential risks and benefits.


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