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Western Civilization sample essay question for college


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Western Civilization                                       

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• Discuss the impact of the early Industrial Revolution upon the family, the role of women and the living and working conditions of the industrial workers. What were the causes of the “New Imperialism” of the late 19th century? How was it fueled partially by the need for raw materials? In what ways did the Industrial Revolutions lead to the New Imperialism and how can you argue that the plight of the native peoples in those countries was similar to the plight of industrial workers? How was it different? What were some arguments that were used to justify imperialism? Discuss the results or consequences of this imperialism? How was Social Darwinism used to justify both the treatment of industrial workers and that of native populations in imperialized countries? Google Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The White Man’s Burden” and make a few observations as to how it reflects the mindset of the Imperialists of the era. (Chapters 20 and 24)

You will be evaluated based on your addressing each prompt in the question and your ability to draw conclusions from the sources you use

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“The Relationship Between Language and Thinking

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