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Week 11 Session one Extended Project Introduction: Individual Assignment BUSINESS


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Week 11 Session one

Extended Project Introduction: Individual Assignment BUSINESS

  • To introduce what the individual assignment for Business and how to complete it
  • To review features of Report Writing vs Essay writing
  • To introduce the diary record sheet


Last week you were introduced to the Poster Presentation assignment and how to complete it. Answers the questions below without looking back in your notes to see what you can remember.

  1. What is a Poster Presentation is? Why do you think they are a useful communication tool?
  • Complete the steps for creating a Poster Presentation;

1. A____________ C__________

2. T _______       A_________

3. F_________   the     T__________

4. P____________      I__________

5. D_________   L __________

6. C __________ C __________ S___________

7. C ________ I_____

  • Name 3 potential strengths and weaknesses of a Poster Presentation.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • In one sentence describe your Poster Presentation task;
  • What are the four marking criteria? Briefly describe what they include.
Marking criteria Description
  1. Individual Assignment (Business)

An individual, written assignment of approximately 2,000 words, excluding tables, diagrams, headings, appendices, bibliography, etc.

  • Each person in the group is required to identify a different major competitor in this sector (so no two group members should choose the same organisation) and explore how that organisation is positioning itself to attempt to gain/maintain competitive advantage. You should explore any aspect that may be relevant to that organisation’s competitive position such as supply chain, pricing, brand values, marketing, HR, etc.  This list is not prescriptive and you are free to explore what makes this organisation different and explain how it has responded to the market.  Ensure you mention how its position has changed in recent years and conclude your work by giving your own opinion on what it needs to do to succeed in this sector in the next 2-5 years.
  • In addition, you will be required to include a diary of weekly activity as an appendix to the report.  The six weeks of timetabled classes will be focused on assisting you in your research. Some guidance will be given but each student will be expected to bring a ‘diary’ of progress week by week (template to be provided) showing what they have done, what their targets are for the following week. This diary will be checked off each week and will form a part of the marked submission.  This diary will show both group and individual targets and completion of tasks.

Note that students will be required to show evidence of research from a range of sources including credible media sources. Use of academic and industry journals is not essential.  You should avoid just relying on corporate websites although you are encouraged to contact your chosen companies in order to get some direct information from the organisations’ Corporate Affairs or PR departments.

1.1 Questions

  1. What is the word count for your individual assignment?
  • Can you choose the same organisation as a member of your group?
  • How does the individual assignment link to the Poster Presentation?
  •  What aspects should you consider for your organisation?
  • Should you only consider the organisation’s position currently?
  • What is the ‘diary’ element of the project? Will the diary be assessed?
  • What type of sources should you use to complete this assignment?
  • Features of a Report Vs Essay

Reports have some similarities and differences to essay writing. Decide if the statements below can be found in reports, essays or both.

  Report Essay Both
Include references to reading, research and theory        
Explore hypothetical or abstract ideas/concepts        
Tend to be based on actual events        
Be well structured and have a logical progression of ideas        
One key point or main idea will be found per paragraph or section        
Can include headings to help structure the information        
Can include diagrams, tables and illustrations within the main text        
Tend to include diagrams, tables and illustrations as an appendices        
Consider the reader in mind when writing        
Use language that is concise, clear and direct to convey the meaning        
Can have a ‘recommendation for action’ section      
  • Structure and layout of your report

Below provides information of the general structure and layout of your report, fill in the gaps to complete the text;

Front cover

This should clearly show your student details and the 1______________ of the submission.

2______________ page

This page will list the content of the submission and the corresponding page numbers. Remember to also add page numbers as footer throughout your work.

Introduction (200 words)

The aim of this is to introduce the assignment and its topic to the reader. Try to use this section to 3.______________ the reader to want to continue reading. You should also try to add at least one source at this point. This could relate to the sector chosen or the overall topic area i.e. competitive advantage.

Main body (1600 words)

This section is where the majority of your research will be shown. You will need to research and examine the chosen 4._____________ and identify the following areas:

  • How the organisation is positioned within the sector (e.g. in the fashion sector / industry, are Primark at the top end of the market or the bottom?) How do you identify this position? What factors attribute to this positioning?
  • How it 5._______________ with the other rivals (Porters 5 forces should be used within this section). What does the chosen business do in order to maintain or gain competitive advantage? Explore and examine the factors that may influence this approach (this might include factors such as supply chain, pricing, advertising, HR etc).
  • How do you think the business has responded to the 6._______________? Has its position changed over time, if so, how? Has anything else changed within this sector?

Conclusion (200 words)

This is where you will sum up the entire assignment and draw on your own thoughts and opinions to 7._______________ what you think the business could do over the next 2-5 years in order to succeed.


This should include the 5 diary record sheets that you have been completing during the module.

  • Diary Record
  • Why do you think we have asked you to complete an assessed diary record for this project?
  • What challenges do you think you might have with completing the diary?

On the next page you will see a template of the diary entry you will need to include in your individual assignment. Brainstorm the types of things you could include in each section.

Business Foundation Extended Project

Weekly Research Diary Template – Spring Term 2017

General Instructions: Complete this sheet each week (go onto a second page if necessary), print and bring it with you to the class. If you are unable to attend the class you must email it to your tutor by 10.00am on the day of the class.  You should keep copies of these diaries and hand them in as an appendix to your individual final report.

Name:                                                                               Week (tick as relevant)  __1  __2  __3  __4  __5

1. Research Completed: Give details of research carried out since the last completed diary sheet, listing sources identified and giving an outline of what use these sources are.  Note that typically these details will show evidence of leading on from the previous week’s ‘Research Plan’.  Your individual research activities should be detailed in the context of the broader aims and objectives of your group’s research needs.
2. Research Plan: Give details of your research plan for the next week. Include details of exactly what you will be looking for and why.  Typically these plans will be reflected in ‘Research Completed’ in the following week’s diary.  Ensure you mention how your individual plans support your group’s research requirements.
Signature of Tutor (to be completed in class each week)

Below are two diary examples for week 1 and 2.

  1. What is the difference between the content written in the first box (Research Completed) and second box (Research Plan)?
  2. How does the content change from week 1 to week 2?
  3. Do you think A and B are detailed enough? Could they be improved in any way?