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Web design and interactivity


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Web design and interactivity

Subject: IT System Overview Description: Topic 4: Basic principles of interaction design and human computer interaction, including accessibility; web design and interactivity emerging technologies from an interaction perspective. The student will set up a small web design and interactivity on WIX; Multimedia, such as graphics, sound, video, text, and basic principles of media design; using the new emerging technologies from an interaction perspective. For this course, you need to create a manual on how to create a web page and you will create and then upload in later session your game too. This web page will be the tool that allows you to upload a game that you will be creating later in the course. You are expected to create a Web Site Design. The manual should show how to design the web step by step with pictures as well as words. The manual needs to explain what hardware you need to use for the web page, before you start the design showing how you process to achieve an outcome. Sites suggested Google sites classic or any other free software that allows for flash player. *Each worth 5 marks *Create a manual for designing the web page *Clear information *Graphical easy to look at *Easy to understand *Develop a web page using basic principles

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