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Weapons Display Ideas for the Home


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Weapons Display Ideas for the Home

Most firearm owners and enthusiasts exhibit very limited knowledge when it comes to firearm storage. It is common to hear from such individuals that firearms are laid flat under a bed, kept vertically in some cabinet or buried deep in some drawer. In other instances, when visiting a friend or relative who is a self proclaimed firearms enthusiasts, all that seems to conform to such character and lifestyle in the home is a bland looking gun rack. This does not have to be case in your home. At Chambered Group USA, we strive to encourage firearms enthusiasts to innovatively seek new ways with which firearms can be securely and conveniently stored while at the same time offer your guests a chance to admire and even handle them.

As such, there are numerous ways with which firearms can be displayed at your home giving it a touch of elegance and finesse. You can have a customized hand crafted firearm display hanger on your wall above the chimney whether horizontal or vertically set or an encased gun cabinet which allows you to safely showcase your fire arm collection. For instance, you can hire the services of a wood working technician to source fine hardwood timber such as mahogany, cherry, oak, pine, hickory, knotty alder, maple or walnut. Not only do these fine quality woods ensure you have a high end quality gun cabinet but also serve to accentuate your home’s interior décor.

The most common weapon display cabinet designs include the multipurpose center, the Raptor III firearm cabinet, the St. George cabinet, the classic cabinet and the centennial firearm cabinet. Another favorite with contemporary firearm owners is the weapon display cabinet which incorporates a home entertainment center with the firearms displayed via a side pullout which also doubles as a gun concealment unit. As such, a firearm cabinet as a weapon display unit superbly accents the other fine pieces of furniture in your home. More so, they can be custom made to fit to the specific dimensions you may have, reflecting your unique thoughts and ideas for your interior decor.

At Chambered Group USA, we can customize weapon display units for your home at reasonable prices and be assured of the finest quality functionality and finish. No matter the place you deem ideal for a firearm display, we will surely work towards surpassing your wildest imaginations.