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Waste Management Discussion Essay


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Waste Management Discussion

Conservation represents the aspect of reducing wasteful utilization of resources.  Natural resources that we humans depend on for survival are both scarce and depletable; this means that we should utilize these products prudently. Some of these resources are basic for the support of both human and animal lives (Ayodele et al., 2018). For example, water as a natural resource is one such resource that requires people to develop prudent ways of using it since without water; we will hardly survive. Recycling and re-using is one of the best ways of waste management. We can re-use the resources that have already lost value for another purpose through the process, hence improving conservation and waste management. Waste management is an essential aspect of human lives as it provides individuals with an opportunity for conservation as well as reducing health-related issues. Mechanical waste processing represents one of the techniques involved in waste management. Some of the mechanical waste processing include; shredding and conveyance. In this article, we will discuss mechanical waste processing by describing the best practices involved in the process, explain the best practices involved in shredding as a form of mechanical waste processing, elaborate on the environmental benefits of mechanical waste processing. We will also find a manufacturer of a solid waste shredder, select one shredder and describe it by its functionality, specification, and model number. Lastly, we will describe the benefits and disadvantages of using that kind of a paper shredder.

Mechanical waste treatment refers to the employment of various sorting or separating processes to recover single materials for re-use from municipal solid waste streams. It entails various procedures such as size reduction or shredding, separation, classification, and compaction. Some of the best practices for mechanical waste management involve; sorting. Sorting refers to the process of segregating the different types of waste available into similar categories, which informs the basis for the methods of handling the waste. Before processing waste, it is essential to sort the waste. Waste collection is another issue in mechanical waste processing. It is essential to set up collection points that do not expose the general public to health-related risks. Collection points should adhere to safety standards requirements as well as ensure easy accessibility. Lastly, Transportation which forms an integral part of waste management, should also ensure safety for all road users by preventing waste spillage.  

Waste shredders are mechanical equipment that enables individuals to cut waste materials into smaller parts that could be re-used or the right size to enable further processing, such as recycling. Shredding as a waste management technique has continued to gain popularity with advancements in the production of modern shredding machines (Trulli et al., 2018). One of the best practices in the waste shredding business is selecting the right machines for the type of waste one requires to handle. It is also important to consider the type and amount of waste materials to be handled before purchasing a shredding machine. Considering the cost of waste handling vs. the revenue generated through waste management is also an essential factor in the shredding business. Proper waste handling and sorting waste are also essential for maintaining the shredding types of machinery and preventing mechanical damage. To avoid the tear and wear of the machines, it is also imperative to constantly provide mechanical service to the machinery utilized. Lastly, safety is paramount for the whole waste shredding process.  

One of the benefits of mechanical waste processing to the environment is the reduction of pollution. Some of the waste, if not treated, is harmful to the environment. plastics is one of the materials that, if left untreated, can lead to soil degradation and is also harmful to both sea and land animals. Other gases produce from waste material such as methane leads to global warming. Therefore, the mechanical waste management process ensures that these environmental pollutants are correctly handled. Channeling some of the revenues generated from the waste management process for environmental reclamation, such as planting trees and conserving the environment.

Figure 1MB5X Pendulous Hanging Grinding Mill

The above picture represents MB5X Pendulous Hanging Grinding Mill from Shanghai GBM manufacturing company in China (GBM, 2021). The grinding mill can be used to grind and cutting objects into smaller pieces. The following table showcases the specifications as well as the capacity of the machine.

Quantity of grinding roller(piece)3-4
Diameter of grinding roller(mm)300
Diameter of the grinding ring(mm)1000
Height of grinding ring(mm)180~160
Feed size(mm)25
The fineness of finished products(mm)0.045-1.0

I chose the MB5X Pendulous Hanging Grinding Mill since it features brand-new architectural engineering that reduces operating and maintenance costs, improves the environment’s protection, and improves product quality.


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Trulli, E., Ferronato, N., Torretta, V., Piscitelli, M., Masi, S., & Mancini, I. (2018). Sustainable mechanical biological treatment of solid waste in urbanized areas with low recycling rates. Waste Management, 71, 556-564.

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