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Wal-mart’s PR Remains Committed to Truth


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Wal-mart’s PR Remains Committed to Truth

For more than two decades, Roger McClung, husband to the late Dorothy McClung has been working to tarnish the organization’s respected brand name and identity. Mr. McClung, the plaintiff in McClung v. Wall-mart Stores Inc et al., had his case dismissed by the US Court of Appeal after the Appellate Court overturned previous rulings by lower courts. This case served to undermine the integrity of Wal-mart Inc. more so in Memphis. The decisions by the Appellate Court was a step in the right direction as Wal-mart Inc. is a highly regarded company in the American retail stores industry as well as on the international arena. We at Wal-mart are dedicated tro openness, truth and integrity and seek to portray just that in this article.

Dorothy McClung was in 1990 kidnapped at a parking lot at Wal-mart’s Delta Square Shopping Center branch on the busy American Way. She was later found raped and murdered on a rarely used dirt road. The criminal identified as a teenager named Joseph Harper II was arrested and latter admitted to have committed the heinous act. He committed suicide a month later. Dorothy McClung’s family attempted to have a 20 million dollar lawsuit against the organization on the grounds of negligence. The story is one of many which have been instigated against this legendary retail store and this has brought about a degree of worry among its many potential customers which flock in masses at the retail stores outlets all over the country, more so, during the festive seasons. As the fortunes of Mal-mart Inc. improve considerably as is evident from the retailer’s sales records there has been a continued trend by the American public to tend to target the company with numerous court cases.

It is quite unfortunate that the respected Judge Mihm opted to describe Wal-mart as a being committed to misguided perceptions. The Judge had in the MCCLung case described our company as one where he has “rarely…seen such a pattern of deliberate obfuscation, delay, misrepresentation, and downright lying to another party and to a court”  this was all based on Wal-Mart’s apparent behavior and attitude in his court. The CBS’s 60 minutes show also aired a program in a blatant mud slinging attempt at Wal-mart Inc. As such, this goes to prove that as an organization prospers, the American public attempts to institute new ways with which to reap us off.

The interview attempting to tarnish Wal-mart’s brand name and identity aired on CBS’ 60 Minutes was in bad taste. We at Wal-mart are committed to truth, integrity and world class service to all our customers the world over. The attempts by both the American Justice System and the Media fraternity should cease forthwith and their statements should be based on facts. Wal-mart commends the Court of Appeal’s decision to overturn the rulings passed down in lower courts. Willing (2001) through an article published on their USA Today website reported that in 2000 alone, Wal-Mart had been faced with a total of 4851 lawsuits. This translates to nearly a lawsuit every two hours for each of the 365 days of the year 2000. this only proves that some sections of the American public make the most unreasonable of attempts to turn our organization into some kind of cash cow.

The US court system has over the years attempted to bash our company as it face the many lawsuits its presented with annually. In a proactive effort to to ensure that its legal position is not tainted further in future, we are appealing to fewer court decisions and going a step further to publicize disputes successfully resolved. We at Wal-Mart appeal to the American public to continue trusting our respectable brand and desist from further tarnishing our name. We at WalMart are committed to the development of the socioeconomic status of the American society as has been proven by our strong CSR. Walk with thus Americans in truth and integrity.