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Virtual Currency Applicability Report.


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Assignment: Virtual Currency Applicability Report.

As the exploration of emerging technologies continues within cybersecurity, this project investigates the phenomenon of virtual currency.

This report and accompanying formal business presentation should include research, supporting documentation, and recommendations for financial and cyber policy perspectives. Proceed to Step 1 and contact your CIO (the instructor) if you have questions or need additional guidance. 

  • Table of Content
  • Executive Overview 
    • To set the       stage and address concerns expressed and implied by the assignment
    • This should include future opportunities and risks
  • Introduction
  • Virtual      Currency Overview (2 pages)
    • Provide a two-page summary of the core concepts and       developments in cryptography and cryptanalysis for the benefit of your       financial audience from a cyber perspective and the financial       implications of virtual currency.
    • An overall       assessment of virtual currencies, the encryption technology, and the       subsequent policy issues that might arise. Also, consider information       assurance needs for the business.
    • Develop a spreadsheet, in the first column, list       Bitcoin and other virtual currency options available, in column 2, list       the corresponding encryption method for that specific virtual currency, in       column 3, assess what characteristics or cybersecurity technologies used       by that virtual currency that makes it unique, in column 4 assess policy       constraints.
  • Assess External Bitcoin and Block-Chain Technology      Audit (3 pages)
    • Provide a three page of External Bitcoin and Block-Chain       Technology Audit. 
      • Including a cross-functional analysis of        block-chain and digital-currency technology alternatives in regard to        technological capabilities, policy, and budget trade-offs relative to        enterprise, national, and international restrictions.
      • This should be directed to senior leaders about        the pros and cons, the options, and the alternatives that would        facilitate their strategic decision making in defense of cyberthreats.
  • Develop a Virtual Currency Risk Mitigation Strategy      (2 pages)
    • Provide a two report, consider risk management for       virtual currency:
      • Begin the process of addressing those risks from a        strategic response perspective
      • What direction will be taken in the event of one        or more of the identified risks occurring?
  • Digital Currency Applicability Report (10 pages)
    • Finally, provide recommendations on other issues       that may have yet to be addressed. As the CISO, the primary issue and       area of expertise is cybersecurity. Senior leadership is likely going to       want answers to several questions, such as:
      • Can we use an encryption technology without        virtual currency?
      • Has a cost-benefit analysis been conducted?
      • What would be the impact on our customers?
    • Distinguish between the technology and policy       issues that are involved.
      • Categorize the risk as technical or policy.
    • Financial and policy questions must be addressed. 
    • The report should provide a strategic approach to       addressing these concerns.
  • Conclusion