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Victim Legislation and Social Policies


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Victim Legislation and Social Policies

The U.S. remains not only as the most progressive society but also one that suffers unmatched crime rates in the absence of war. It was a comprehensive apparatus tasked with maintaining peaceful coexistence amongst its populace which includes a criminal justice system that categorically deals with crime perpetrators (Kappeler & Potter, 2017). The actions or even omissions by such wrongdoers adversely impacts on the normal affairs of victims by imposing physical, mental, emotional and social harm. Through a number of legislation, the US government empowers various stakeholders to ensure full assistance to victims through victim advocacy programs. Two such programs include the Rape, Abuse & Incest National network (RAINN) and the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA). This paper briefly discusses the two programs by comparing and contrasting as well as analyzing effectiveness.


This is an institution founded in 1994 in line with victim legislation and policies catering for persons victimized from rape, abuse and incest (RAINN, 2016). It’s presently the largest organization advocating against any form of sexual violence, as an anti-sexual violation entity, its mission involves partnering with other sexual assault related agencies throughout the U.S. towards the prevention of sexual violence, assistance to victims as well as pro-actively supporting the justice system’s efforts to ensure timely execution of legal due process (RAINN, 2016). It offers various point of leverage for victims and the society at large to fully exploit such as victim services, public education forums, and participation in related public policy formulation as well as consultancy services.


Established in 1975, NOVA remains the oldest victim assistance organization in the US and is also the undisputed leader in progressing it noble mandate to all persons within American boundaries (NOVA, 2017). Its mission entails advocating for compassion and dignity to all persons affected not only by crime but also crisis. There are a select set of entities referred to as Championing Associates who collaborate with NOVA towards meeting the diverse needs of victims.

These two institutions for victim’s advocacy have similarities in that they work to alleviate distress amongst people suffering from criminal activities. Both are guided by legislation enacted by Congress towards prevention and availing of assistance to persons suffering from perpetrator actions. They offer numerous levels of assistance and offer public education forums aimed at educating the public on the appropriate actions to take in case of warning signs of purported victimization that allows for quick delivery of justice. There also exists differences between the two organizations. For instance, NOVA is a privately held not for profit entity that caters for a wide range of crimes while RAINN is limited to preventions and offering of help to victims of sex related crimes.

Advocacy programs offered by both entities are indeed effective given that they have offices appropriately spread out all over the nation. More importantly, they proactive look to ensure the society is aware their presence and purpose through public education forums. RAINN and NOVA offer assists victims from all walks of life. RAINN specifically addresses sexual violence with affects men, women, children as well as the elderly. NOVA similarly avails help to every located victim and is not limited in its scope. The two programs should champion for the government to create an oversight authority that is publicly funded to offer assistance and guidance in enabling victims gain legal redress in the wake of any emerging limitations. The media indeed plays a critical role in enhancing avenues for crime victims to attain solutions to diverse problems. For instance, it is through the media that the populace is able to gather vital information concerning the missions and purpose of the two entities. The media has a positive impact in bringing to attention the challenges the society needs to address in the light of victims pain from the actions of particular perpetrators. In this way, people are able to identify with the victims and advocate leaders to arrest situation through establishment of needed regulations as well as legislations.




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