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HUM 1510 Essay 2 Prompt: Utopia                                          40 points      

Research these questions through the below sources or any other you can find and answer them as fully as possible. This essay should be 4 pages in length, although longer is acceptable.  Make sure to cite in your paper any source for your research and include a seperate bibliography at the end listing those sources. Please make a copy for yourself.  This is due the day of the next test.  Questions relating to this essay assignment will be found on Test 2.  Good luck!

Plato’s Republic has been the basis for many attempts at creating actual utopian communities. Several have been established in this country particularly in the 19th century. A more recent version has been undertaken (not surprisingly) by the Walt Disney Co.; a planned town called Celebration. Investigate the following for inclusion in your essay:

What is utopia? Investigate a historical example.

·       Name an actual early utopian community describing it briefly and who established it including what made it so utopian (do not include mythological or religious stories).

What is Celebration and do you consider it a utopian community? 

What was the Disney Co. trying to do? Investigate the original design aesthetic and early habitation of the community.

·       What was done right and what went wrong? (include examples of problems that citizens of Celebration experienced) 

What is this new type of urban planning called? 

·       Briefly describe that planning concept and ideal expression.

·       This new planning reacts against what type of conventional approach?

What do you think of these types of planned community like Celebration? 

·       How effective is this type community aesthetic over those with which you are familiar? 

·       Why would you want to live there or why not?

Make sure to provide a description of what makes Celebration USA so special. You’ll have to do some digging for this essay. The following web sources should be helpful*:

American and the Utopian Dream (click on “Utopian Communities”)


Kathleen M. Hogan, Celebration, University of Virginia 


See “Colophon” page on the Introduction page for bibliography information including author:


Craig Wilson, Celebration, USA Today article, 1996


Steuteville and Langdon, A better way to plan and build 21st Century communities


(specific examples including Celebration appear at the end of the article)

Tip: Don’t confuse CSD with New Urbanism

Richard Reep, New Urbanism’s Economic Achilles Heal


*All sites checked as of Winter 2016