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Using Twitter Organization Environment Status Report informational memo


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Question description

Writing Assignments # 4: Provide a Status Reports / Informational Memo (200 points @ 50 points each) in the correct format. Use the Memo Format on page 590 in your text, BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS TODAY . The Status Report (Informational Memo) will be submitted weekly as a PDF or Word Doc to your CEO (Instructor) addressing his questions or concern via CANVAS Assignments locate in each module.

The Report will be:

  • Brief (1-page, single spaced). PDF or Word Doc uploaded to CANVAS
  • In an Informational Memo format. Templates:Internal Information Report-1.jpg Internal Information Report-1.pdf
  • Cover the key areas and objectives of lessons given.
  • Give a progress assessment in meeting key areas and objectives.
  • Present future objectives and opportunities.
Assignment RubricPoints
Compliance with all directions.50%
Content was logical, well written, and demonstrated adequate topic research.25%
No evidence of plagiarism. All sources properly sited.25%

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My daughter was using this Twitter thing and I was wondering would it work for my company. Please give me your thoughts?

The Boss,