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USGS Glossary of Glacial Terminology.


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For this discussion:

  • Please choose 2 terms from this list:  Glacier terms revised 09-23-14.docx     
  • To ensure that we have some variety, one of the terms you choose should start with a letter close to the first letter of your last name.
  • Find a good picture or video to illustrate each of your terms (2 total pictures and/or videos).    
  • Define what each term means.  You should use the definition from your textbook or a reputable source such as the USGS Glossary of Glacial Terminology.  You may also use Wikipedia for this assignment.
  • Continue your post by explaining more about the feature in your own words, for example, how the feature is formed or how the process works, where it is found, it’s importance or any other pertinent facts that you find in your research.  
  • The goal is to provide interesting and accurate information to your fellow classmates, and it will also help you with test preparation since these are key terms from your text.
  • Five or six sentences about each term should be enough.  The descriptions can be brief, but should also be well-written.
  • Any direct quotes that you use should be clearly indicated as quotes.  
  • References are very important.  Please give your references for everything:  your pictures, definition, descriptions and quotes.
  • Use to put your references in correct form.  At, choose APA style and fill in the information that you have reasonably available.  ( is very easy to use).
  • 200 words is enough, but I only can give you 2-3 hours to complete