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US Foreign Policy


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US Foreign Policy

The author (s)

These are two documents which have been written by different authors. The first documents was written by Colin Kahl and Hal Brands while the second document was written by Mark Landler and Helene Cooper.

The kind of a document (s)

The first document is a review of the US Foreign Policy while the second document is an article that was published in New York Times magazine.


The context of these documents was on President Trump`s approach for the US foreign policy. Precisely, the US foreign policy that he promised during the campaign error was perceived to be a grand strategy which was different in what his predecessors embraced and implemented.

Exposition of the documents context

These two documents criticizes the grand strategy of President Trump, especially by highlighting what is feasible and what is not. additionally, the documents are based on Trump`s promises during the campaign period and how he has failed to remain true to those promises. For example, the decision of removing the American troops from Syria having not achieved the ultimate goal that made them to be taken to Syria. Additionally, the two documents highlights the U.S. foreign policies.

The most important points of the document

The first document criticizes the perception of president Trump`s grand strategy or his perception to the of the nature of international environment and the main threats to the basic interests. According to President Trump`s perception of the worldview, there are three main threats, which are not limited to the threat of radical Islam, unfair trade, and illegal immigration. The document also points out the President`s solution to these threats. These solutions are not limited to economic nationalism, extreme homeland security, amoral transactionalism, and militarism (Eric and Thomas 4-7).  However, Trump`s grand strategy has a number of dilemmas, including the challenge of reconciling with Iran and Russia in order to defeat the Islamic state and how to balance and minimize Iranian influence in Iraq. Other dilemmas entail the balance between protecting the homeland and fighting the Islamic state, Trump`s approach to Russia and Europe which is equally contradictory and self-defeating, and the challenge of taking punitive measures against China while at the same time contending with the growing threat from North Korea.

Summary of the document

The first document shows how Trump`s grand strategy is no any different from the other strategies that has been implemented by his predecessors. To a large extent, the grand strategy is even worse depending especially when examined in the lens of Trump`s negative perception towards the world. For example, President Trump perceives that one way of achieving economic nationalism is by withdrawing the U.S. from the TPP and imposing high tariffs against countries such as China. Additionally, President Trump`s grand strategy has discriminated the Islam in the name of ensuring security of the Americans. Additionally, the strategy has outlined how to deal with illegal immigration, including the building up of the US-Mexico wall. Moreover, the document has outlined a number of dilemmas to its implementation, including the how to deal with Russia and Iran, how to maintain homeland security and at the same time fight against Islamic state. The second document entails Trump`s announcement of the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, which has been a shock to many. Initially, Trump had promised that the American troops with stay at Syria until peace is restored.

Personal commentary/analysis

I strongly concur with the views of the authors of the first document that president Trump`s grand strategy is not effective and this is due to a number of reasons. First, it is unfair for him to generalize that all Islam are radicalized. President Trump needs to understand that Islam adhere to their religion, and not all are radicalized to terrorism. Additionally, it is unfair for Trump to transfer the burden of building the Mexico border to the Mexican government. Additionally, I strongly believe that the advisors of President Trump do mislead him.

Works Cited

Eric Scmitt and Thomas Gibbons. The foreign Policy of the United States. New York, 2019 Print.


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