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Essay on The US Congress


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The US Congress has proposed to make changes to the Public Health Service Act, which could have significant effects on nursing practice. The Public Health Service Act was passed in 1944 (Congress.Gov, 2018). The act explicitly introduced the quarantine powers of the federal government. It obliged the US Public Health Service in prevention of communicable disease from overseas countries into the US. The amendment is likely to affect nursing practice because it seeks to introduce straight care patient-to-nurse staffing ration necessities in health facility (Congress.Gov, 2018).

The amendment seeks to enhance quality care and promote the provision of healthcare services to all patients in US healthcare facilities. In addition, the government intend to solve the problem of poorly and insufficiently monitored nurse staffing practices that leads to a small number of registered nurses offering direct care (Congress.Gov, 2018). For this reason, they are likely to jeopardize the provision of quality services to the patients. The amendments also attempts to raise patient outcome and reduce nurse attrition by implementation of appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios (Congress.Gov, 2018).

The amendments introduce requirement for conditions for registered nurses who provide direct care intended to lower the shortage of these professions in the US. In so doing the act will be designed in a manner that help in hiring of new registered nurses (Congress.Gov, 2018). Furthermore, changes will be made in order to promote retention for professionals especially nurses who are thinking of leaving patients care due to the demands established by insufficient staffing. The changes also try to create a ratio, which will facilitate high rate of performance among nurses (Congress.Gov, 2018).

The repeal of Public Health Services Act will also affect nurses in Tennessee because it will create sufficient minimal ration for direct care among nurses to deal with patients’ perception determinants that will enhance the quality-service deliver (, 2017). It also promises safety of the patient. The amendment will also have an impact in creating safe recruitment standards for Tennessee’s nurses. In so doing, it will enable establishment of a safe working environment for nurses that is a critical element of assuring  that there is sufficient staffs in hospitals at all levels. Consequently, it will enable protection of the safety of nurses (, 2017).

The repeal of the law is necessary because a number of studies have indicated that patients’ results are directly associated to direct care offered by registered nurses (, 2017). Therefore, staffing is a critical component of the patients’ outcomes. The decision to amend is based on the fact that execution of least nurse-to-patient ratios in other states such as California has contributed to improvement of nurse retention and patient outcomes. In this respect, rise in the skill mix and nurse staffing would facilitate better services for the patients without incurring extra costs (Congress.Gov, 2018).


The amendment of Public Health Services Act that proposes to introduce patient-to-nurses rations will have a substantial effect on the nursing practice in Tennessee. For instance, it will increase the number of workers hence reducing the workload. Moreover, it is intended to strengthen the skill mix in these hospitals hence contributing to better patients’ services (, 2017). The effectiveness of the care will also expand if the law is amended. In so doing, it will have positive impacts to both the patients and nurses in Tennessee as it can promote higher nurses retention, patient outcomes and safety.


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