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University of the Sunshine Coast:Management


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 Include an introductory statement about the topic (interest the reader)

 Identify the research problem and why it is important to research the topic (the “what” and 

the “why”

 Introduce your assumptions about the problem

 Clearly state you research question


 The method relates to how you searched for your articles

 To find literature to explore the research question the following databases were searched; 

CINAHL, PubMed… The search strategy in Table 1 below…(the search strategy is the PICO or 

PICo table that we worked on in class (workshop 4); this must be included on your poster)

 Articles were retrieved….


 What type of research articles did you use; e.g. 3 quantitative and 2 qualitative research 


 The results are the key concepts/data that can be used to respond to your research question

 You may choose as part of your results to include a concept matrix which summaries 

information across the articles

 You may choose to include some data/quotes from you articles


 The discussion represents your analysis of the results; how do the results inform your 

research question

 Discuss the relevance of your findings to evidence based practice


 What is the conclusion for your research question?

 What are the take home messages from your work?


 Must use the Harvard referencing style

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