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University of Southern Queensland:Evidence Based Nursing Research


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1.Based on your reading of the clinical scenario, write a focused clinical question that will guide you to efficiently find the information you need for clinical decision making.

2. Where might clinicians go to find an answer to clinically focused questions? Name as many possible types or categories of information sources as you can. You may feel that some are better than others, but discuss as many as you can to demonstrate your awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of common information sources in clinical practice. Describe the most important advantages and disadvantages for each type of information source you list.

3. If you were to search CINAHL for original research on your question, describe what your search strategy would be. Be as specific as you can about which topics and categories you would search and your key terms. Explain your rationale for taking this approach. Describe how you might limit your search, if necessary, and explain your reasoning.

4. What is the domain of your question? In other words, what type of question is it?

5. What type of study (study design) would best be able to answer your clinical question. Justify and support your answer

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