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University essay on ”Global Warming – Fact or Fiction”


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The short paper should be at least four typewritten pages but no longer than nine pages of text.  The paper can either be (a) some additional (background) information about an article relating to weather or climate that has appeared in the scientific media since 1990, or, (b) original work using a personal point of interest or one of the titles that follow.  Some examples of scientific media found in the SVSU library are American Scientist, New Scientist, National Geographic, Popular Science, Science News, Scientific American, and Smithsonian.     DO NOT COPY A PAPER PREVIOUSLY TURNED IN BY A STUDENT.  IF YOU DO, YOUR GRADE IS AN “F”. I WILL CHECK WITH     PLAGERISM.COM

The purpose of the paper is to provide additional information about a topic covered in the article or your original research into the subject of your choosing.  The paper must include a bibliography with at least three sources other than the article (if applicable) you are using and your textbook.  You may use any source of reliable information – books or parts of books, periodicals, internet and/or other computer resources.  I strongly urge you to follow accepted spelling and grammar rules, traditional footnote and bibliography listings.  Your grade will be based on subject matter plus content and presentation.  Three (3) points per spelling or grammatical error will be subtracted from your grade.

If you need a good outline for the development of a research paper try this Internet link, The Research Paper by Ms Sarah Hamid:

Additional comments on grammatical errors, misspellings, etc. follow the Dates and Assignments.

Here are a few typical title ideas.  Your paper does not have to be hard research BUT IT HAS TO BE ORIGINAL.   A title dealing with a similar meteorological topic will be accepted.

  • The Meandering Jet Stream
  • Global Warming – Fact or Fiction
  • Genesis of the Polar Front
  • El Niño versus La Niña
  • Destructive Hurricanes of the past Century
  • Tornadoes – Frequency and Occurrence Changes over the Past 50 Years
  • Doppler Radar – Its Evolution and Importance in Weather Forecasting
  • A Graphic Depiction of Past and Present Great Lakes Water Levels

Atmospheric Parameters Which Influence Great Lake W

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