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Types of Dimensions topics


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Assignment Details

Pick one of the Dimensions topics that interests you and complete the following.

  1. Find a current news article that is related to one of the three lectures listed above. Give a brief (1-2 paragraph) summary of the article.
  2. Describe (in 3-5 paragraphs) why the topic is interesting to you. Connect this interest to the article you have found and to the relevant guest lecture.
    • Some potential questions you may answer: What experience or information sparked your interest in the topic? Do you see a potential career in this area? How does the topic make you feel? Did you learn something new from the article or the lecture? Why are you interested in the topic?


  • You must include one direct lecture citation in your paper.
  • Use in-text citations and a works cited/reference page (APA or MLA, either is fine) for all sources.
  • Default Calibri Font, 12 point, Double spaced

See the Formatting and Citation Guide for more specifics about formatting and citations.