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Types of Friends Essay


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The Different Types of Friends

Friendship is a fundamental aspect in the contemporary world, especially due to the fact that no one can manage to live by himself or herself. With genuine friends, an individual manages to overcome some of the life obstacles that usually hit when they are least expected. As sages put it, no man is an island, it is necessary for one to have at least three genuine friends around him or her. Aristotle also emphasizes the importance of having a friend, and even went to the extent of classifying the types of friends that one should have, which are not limited to friendship of utility, friendship of pleasure, as well as the friendship of the good. This paper pays high attention to the analysis of the three types of friends as stipulated by Aristotle.

Friendship of utility

In this form of friendship, the affection between two individuals is based on the benefits that each gets from the other. Precisely, an individual befriends another not because he or she loves him, but due to his own good. According to Aristotle, “Friends whose affection is based on utility do not love each other in themselves, but in so far as some benefits accrues to them from each other” (Saint Peter`s List n.p). In my life I have ever been in such a friendship, where I befriended James (who was my classmate) in order for him to show me mathematics. James was perfect in this subject, and I knew being friends with him, I will manage to improve as well.

Friendship of pleasure

Just like utility, friendship of pleasure arises when an individual befriends another not because he or she loves him, but due to the pleasure received. Apparently, this form of friendship can end at any given time, especially due to the fact that that pleasure (which is the root of such a friendship) happens to end or change. In contrast to the friendship of utility which is mostly common among the older population, friendship of pleasure is mostly common among the youths. According to Aristotle, “With the young on the other hand, the motive of friendship appears to be pleasure, since the young guide their lives by emotion, and for the most part pursue what is pleasant to themselves, and the object of the moment” (Saint Peter`s List n.p). For the youths, the things that makes them happy tends to change as they grow, and therefore, both age and things for pleasure form friendship and drop each other with time. In my life I have ever been in a friendship of pleasure. In our neighborhood, a young boy by name Khan was a fun of riding bicycle like me, and this became the binding factor for our friendship.

Friendship of the good

This form of friendship arises when two individual mutually like each other due to the goodness of each party, and they always wish good fortunes to each other. Precisely, each individual is happy when the other succeeds in life. This form of friendship is the best ever, especially due to the fact that both parties are friends in the fullest sense, and they love and appreciate each other for themselves and not accidentally. According to Aristotle, “The perfect form of friendship is that between the good, and those who resemble each other in virtue” (Saint Peter`s List n.p). Unlike friendship of utility and pleasure which do not last long, this form of friends may last forever as long as the parties involved remain being good. For my case, Jane had been there for me and I have been there for her for a couple of years now. We usually take care of each other, and I hope this form of friendship will continue till death do us part.

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