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Traveloka and marketing strategy


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Traveloka and marketing strategy

Marketing Essential (Đại học Kinh tế Quốc dân)


Traveloka and marketing strategy

Traveloka is Indonesia’s leading and complete online flight and hotel booking service. Welcome to Vietnam market from March 2016, Traveloka with all technological advantages and deep understanding of Southeast Asia market is committed to providing domestic users with experience in booking flight and room tickets best hotel. Amidst the fierce competition in the booking market, online air tickets, and the secret that makes Traveloka affirm its position and the success of connecting customers? Join MarketingAI to analyze Traveloka’s marketing strategy.

Traveloka’s position in the world and Asia tourism market

Traveloka is Indonesia’s leading online booking app, the leader in Southeast Asia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. As soon as the project was launched, it received the East Venture fund, which invested strongly. By 2013, Traveloka was the first Asian start-up to receive a Series A investment fund from Global Founders Capital.

The event marked Traveloka’s remarkable milestone in winning both Online Hotel Booking and Online Travel Agents in the Top Brand Awards in September 2016, with the TBI score (Top Brand Index). ) respectively 74.8% and 59.6%. This is the second consecutive year Traveloka has been honored in this prestigious award ceremony. With a potential development index of 33% published by reputable organization WPP and Millward Brown, Traveloka is also the name given to the BrandZ awards ceremony in Indonesia, with the title “Outstanding Brand 2016”. . Besides these prestigious awards, Traveloka also ranks among the Top 20 most significant brands in Indonesia with a score of 168.

Currently, Traveloka has been present in most Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and even Vietnam. With more than 120,000 hotels in the region and around the world, more than 100,000 routes across Asia, Europe and America have joined hands with Traveloka to come up with price- conscious policies for users. In particular, Traveloka recently added a class of business air tickets for all customers in Southeast Asia.

Compare booking / hotel apps in Vietnam market is the most used online hotel booking service in the world. Currently, is handling about 1.1 million nights of booking every day. This number is about 10 times the number of hotel bookings on Agoda. has an advantage over Agoda in that they don’t charge credit card money at the time of booking. Usually, it is not until you check-in that they will deduct your card money.

At you can also book hotels without a credit card (postpaid). Many hotels accept cash payment at the hotel after staying. This is an outstanding advantage that makes more and more trusted.


Agoda is the preferred booking service in many Asian countries (including Vietnam). Quality service, easy booking is the advantages of Agoda.

Agoda also has a loyalty program to retain guests. Once you make a reservation, the next time you will receive a discount based on the points you earn.

Mytour is one of the leading reputable services in the country, constantly launching many promotions, reducing room rates, Mytour is increasingly being trusted by many customers.

In 2016, for the first time, Mytour awarded the “Best Hotels Award” to honor quality hotels that were trusted on Mytour.


Traveloka owns a leading Indonesian online booking app, available in the Vietnamese market with a complete and comprehensive platform. Focusing on two important services for every trip, Traveloka integrates airline and hotel bookings right on a website or mobile app, for destinations across Southeast Asia.

Traveloka has a neat and minimalist app interface. While a website interface is intuitive, easy to attract and attract users, Traveloka has built a simple, centralized layout for app users, with information and utilities designed and Arrange scientifically, easy to look up and choose.

Competitive advantage of Traveloka in Vietnamese market Focus value online

The online tourism market in Southeast Asia is predicted by Google and Temasek (Singapore) to achieve revenue of USD 90 billion by 2020. Vietnam accounts for about 10%, equivalent to USD 9 billion. More importantly, 85% of the cash flow will flow into hotel reservations and airline tickets. This is a strong attraction for foreign businesses. Especially when Vietnam does not have many online travel agencies

The strong development of OTA e-commerce (Online Travel Agent) has become an indispensable tool to support all the needs of Vietnamese tourists. Traveloka has applied this model in the Asian market and has been very successful.

According to the survey of e-commerce services in Vietnam last year, online booking services (airplanes, ships) reached 34% and hotel reservations reached 19%. This number is expected to increase sharply over time to serve the market of 41.08 million internet users (62% of which is used for online shopping) in Vietnam. This is a very lucrative market, when the demand for tourism at home and abroad is always high and constantly expanding.

Application of Digital technology

With technology platform and hundreds of high-quality engineers, technicians, Traveloka offers Vietnamese users online travel service with friendly interface, quick and easy booking steps. Traveloka is currently the only application in Vietnam that allows users to search, book cheap flights and hotel rooms at the same time. In particular, the ability to update Traveloka apps with many attractive features such as the Price Alert feature (notify users when the fare is appropriate for the budget) or Traveloka Quick (booking hotels or air tickets has not arrived yet) one minute).

Traveloka facilities brought to customers are the experience of booking hotels and cheap air tickets on the same interface, quick payment, customer care 24/7, etc. These are also the factors strengthens Traveloka’s travel marketing strategy. Thanks to that, Traveloka has become popular and has more potential customers.

Besides the great features, Traveloka is also a “savior” if unfortunately encountering urgent situations such as flight delays, changing flight schedules with last-minute hotel features. Last minute rates on Traveloka are guaranteed to be lower than normal and can be discounted up to 50%.

Competitive price, diverse payment, 24/24 service

In Vietnam, Traveloka has taken advantage to become the first choice for travel enthusiasts. In addition to the low price due to the no booking fee, local customers also prefer Traveloka because of the display of the final price. All prices listed on the

Traveloka app or website are final prices, with no additional taxes or fees required. Every month, Traveloka also regularly conducts discount programs from 10% – 30% to reduce the burden of airfare and hotel room for users.

For international ticket booking, Traveloka recommends round-trip flights saving up to 40% of the fare with the “Smart Combo” label for some airlines.

When using Traveloka’s app, users can immediately present an e-ticket or hotel voucher without connecting to the Internet.

Currently, Traveloka is applying the 4 most popular payment methods used by Vietnamese consumers: international credit cards, domestic ATM cards, payment through convenience stores linked to Payoo and bank transfer ( Vietcombank, ACB, VietinBank, Sacombank and Techcombank).

Optimize travel marketing strategy

In addition to corporate strategy (focusing on rational personnel assignment) and business strategy (minimizing the number of services to ensure quality), Traveloka also possesses an ingenious and focused marketing marketing strategy build a multi-channel customer access platform to motivate them to use the service.


Traveloka Vietnam’s website is quite user-friendly, which helps customers easily look up information and update promotions.

Television advisement

TV commercials have an advantage in word of mouth marketing, traveloka has taken advantage of this by mass producing TVC funny commercials on television.

Social Media

It is easy to see Traveloka promoting services on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, … quite frantic like livestream with celebrities, voucher donation minigame, …. The ads on Facebook are invested by Traveloka quite creatively, thoroughly and meaningful campaigns, …

The video is part of the “Family is Tet” campaign organized by Traveloka and Da Nang Tourism, to thank the “silent heroes” who temporarily put personal happiness to create Tet for others. Traveloka has funded the entire cost, bringing their families to this beautiful coastal city. Traveloka offers a meaningful message: air tickets, hotel rooms have been handed over, many families have finally enjoyed a perfect Tet together.


It can be seen that Traveloka’s competitive advantage lies in making good use of online platform, applying Digital technology well and developing metadata platform. Some other important factors must be mentioned are competitive prices, high speed, multi- purpose payment, 24-hour service, reliable and convenient, etc. Besides, Traveloka has constantly optimized marketing in many ways, so that Traveloka’s customers have grown exponentially, making it more and more prestigious and strong in the travel market.

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