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Transform Your Leadership Style: An Adaptive Leadership Toolkit for Managers


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As a director of leadership and learning, you collaborate with many different employees throughout the prosthetics manufacturing organization you work for. You were recently contacted by Eduardo, who was promoted from an individual contributor to a manager four months ago. Eduardo is seeking your advice on developing his leadership style after receiving his first quarterly review from his supervisor. 

The following are the key takeaways from your conversation with Eduardo: 

“I’ve been told that I am extremely intelligent and typically get to solutions before others. However, this can lead me toward moving too quickly to implementing a solution when the organization is two steps behind. I was cautioned that this can create a disconnect with my team. I’m told to focus on working alongside my team to better empower them. However, I get frustrated with the lack of responsiveness from the organization and my team. My supervisor says this can create insecurity and frustration, with people feeling they cannot live up to my expectations.”

After your meeting with Eduardo, you follow up with his supervisor to gain additional insight. This was their feedback: 

“Eduardo does not leverage his team to create the desired vision. Because he is intelligent and gets to answers faster than most, he loses patience and decides to do all the work himself. By doing so, he misses out on the input of others and fails to garner support for the vision. When he becomes quickly entrenched in his position, he often ignores valid input and alternative points of view.”

“Eduardo thinks he knows best and hence may not always listen to others. Nor does he inspire confidence in his team. As a result, his ‘professional arrogance’ creates more of a dictatorial leadership style, which in turn produces adversarial relationships internally (Eduardo versus everyone). I am concerned that over time this outcome will also spread to external partners. In the end, we will continue to lose talent, which will eventually impact business performance.”

Since the vice president of leadership and learning has asked you to create an adaptive leadership toolkit, these conversations are extremely valuable because they provide specific insight into areas of leadership that can be improved across the organization. Some of the strategies that you recommend for Eduardo’s situation can be used to help inform the improvement of leadership skills throughout the prosthetics manufacturing organization. 


Given the case as described, provide an analysis of Eduardo’s situation as it currently exists and recommend steps he can take to help transform his leadership style.  

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. Define the following leadership skills and explain why Eduardo should focus on developing each of these:
  2. Describe two actionable steps Eduardo should take towards developing these leadership skills and explain how each step might help improve his situation.
  3. Explain how Eduardo can utilize the flywheel effect to transform his leadership style and identify the tasks he should perform to promote gradual improvement that provides tangible evidence his strategy is yielding results. Support your response.


Submit a Word document using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. This assignment must be 2 to 4 pages in length and include references cited in APA format.

Assignment Preview:

Eduardo’s situation, as described in the scenario, suggests that he is facing challenges in effectively leading his team. Based on the feedback from his supervisor and the key takeaways from his conversation with the Director of Leadership and Learning, it appears that Eduardo needs to focus on developing the following leadership skills:

  1. Empowerment: Eduardo should focus on working alongside his team to better empower them. He needs to learn to leverage his team to create the desired vision and garner support for it, instead of deciding to do all the work himself.

  2. Active listening: Eduardo should work on becoming a better listener and give due consideration to the input and alternative points of view of others. He needs to avoid becoming too entrenched in his position and ignoring valid input.

To help transform his leadership style, Eduardo can take the following actionable steps:

  1. Hold regular team meetings: Eduardo can hold regular team meetings to gather input from his team members and discuss any issues they may be facing. This will help him to better understand the perspectives of his team and make more informed decisions. Additionally, by involving his team members in the decision-making process, he can create a sense of ownership and accountability among them, which will help to improve their responsiveness and buy-in to the organization’s vision.

  2. Seek out mentorship: Eduardo can seek out mentorship from more experienced leaders within the organization. By learning from those who have successfully navigated the challenges of leading a team, Eduardo can develop a more effective leadership style that is better suited to the needs of his team and the organization.

Eduardo can also utilize the flywheel effect to transform his leadership style. The flywheel effect is a concept that states that small improvements, when consistently applied, can lead to significant results over time. To promote gradual improvement, Eduardo should perform the following tasks:

  1. Track progress: Eduardo should track progress on a regular basis, monitoring the effectiveness of his actions, and make adjustments as needed.

  2. Continuously seek feedback: Eduardo should continuously seek feedback from his team members, supervisor and other stakeholders to understand their perceptions of his leadership style, and use this feedback to make improvements.

  3. Use available resources: Eduardo should take advantage of any resources or training opportunities available to him to help him improve his leadership skills.

By performing these tasks, Eduardo can gradually improve his leadership style, and provide tangible evidence that his strategy is yielding results. Over time, Eduardo can create a more positive, supportive, and empowering work environment for his team, fostering greater engagement, commitment, and productivity.

It’s worth mentioning that is a fictional scenario and may be missing some important information and context, so it would be better to take this as a guide and not a definitive solution to the situation.

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