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Toxicology And Pathology


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You are provided with 4 research papers which describe the genetic aberrations in lung cancer including some druggable targets with available inhibitor drugs for effective treatment. Review these articles and look for 4 other abstracts or papers on current methods in detecting these druggable targets (including real time PCR, Sanger sequencing and next generation sequencing – NGS) and currently prevalent targeted drugs used for treatment of lung cancer. Write a review with quoted references summarizing the common lung cancer associated druggable genetic aberrations, the methods of detection of these targets and the effective inhibitor drugs currently used.

Assessment Guidelines

Apart from the journal articles provided, you are expected to access and read other relevant published material – this must be referenced correctly, citing in text the use of such information – unclear, poorly presented, muddled work will be penalised. You should use scientific English throughout. Please use spell-checking/grammar software if necessary – coursework MUST be written clearly in order for tutors to accurately assess YOUR understanding and interpretation – SCIENTIFIC WRITING IS ALL ABOUT CLEAR AND CONCISE COMMUNICATION – KEEP THIS IN MIND !

The structure of your review should be as below. The marking criteria and approximate word counts for each section are given:


This provides a background to the nature of the topic under discussion to put it into context. Why is this subject important? You should explain the parameters of the topic (what does it include and exclude)?Main part of the review

This should include paragraphs on the principal questions that are being asked, the methods used in answering these questions and the results found. Are the methods appropriate? Are relevant controls included and if not, is this justified? Is enough detail given of methods and results for the reader to come to the same conclusion as the authors? Do the articles refer to relevant background material? Ensure you are able to back up your statements with a rational reason – statements such as ‘I thought the method used by reference 1 was poor/good’, without any reasoning, will result in poor marks.

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