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Topic: Adelita: Heart of a Revolution


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Paper Instructions

“Adelita: Heart of a Revolution”

Wallace J. Nichols with Andy Myers

Your assignment is to write a three-page​ essay in which you discuss both what the essay “Adelita: Heart of a Revolution” is about and why it is an effectively written essay.

You need to decide what your thesis will say. Remember the question technique: Ask the question: what is “Adelita: Heart of a Revolution” about and why is it an effectively written essay? Your answer to this two-part question is your thesis.

Decide which parts of the essay are the strongest. These are the examples you want to use to support why the essay is effective. Find and use effective quotations to support your findings.

Wednesday, September 19 the first two drafts are due. The first is your rough draft; the second your revision of that draft. All drafts must be a minimum of three pages in length. We will look at thesis statements and then get in groups. Wednesday, September 26 the revised third draft is due to be turned in. Remember, besides the help in class, you can come to office hours, meet with my tutor, go to the Writing Center and Learning Center.

Be sure to place the thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph.

A minimum of three drafts is required. The first two must show evidence of revision. Many of you will have four drafts.

Sample essays in Write For College are “A Game Legged Pony” and an essay on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

A title page and thesis outline are due for this assignment: handouts will be provided

Create an effective title (We will have a title contest

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