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Tools For Practice Development


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Task 1

Select of ONE (1) of the nine (9) Principles of Practice Development found in prescribed text:

 Manley, K. McCormack, B. Titchen, A. (2013) Practice Development in Nursing and Healthcare, Chichester: UK, With your ONE (1) principle, you are required to create your own VISUAL to demonstrate

•An understanding of the chosen principle

•Engagement and interpretation of the conceptual ideas of the chosen principle

•Originality and creativity

You may choose imagery that is sourced online, a photo you have taken yourself, or an image you have drawn or painted. This image should not be a diagram, or flowchart. It should not contain words or any written explanation. It should be

The presentation should be a pdf document containing

•One image  

•500 word explanation of why the image was chosen and what it represents

1. Explore the principles that underpin practice development methodology

2. Apply practical and creative processes and techniques for practice development to a healthcare issue that aligns with the principles of collaboration, inclusion and participation

Task 2

You are to write an academic paper exploring workplace culture in the context of Practice Development.

Read the following article on the theory of workplace culture:

Manley, K., Sanders, K., Cardiff, S., & Webster, J. (2011). Effective workplace culture: the attributes, enabling factors and consequences of a new concept. International Practice Development Journal.

Given what you have read in Manley et al.’s (2011) paper and the effective workplace culture framework, now consider the following question:

What is the impact of effective workplace culture on clinical care areas?

In your response, consider areas such as patient outcomes and staff satisfaction as well as how an effective workplace culture might impact the delivery of Person Centred Care. You may also draw on a range of other clinical care areas in your response.

1. Examine the facilitators and inhibitors that support workplace change, towards to goal of creating effective workplace cultures in healthcare and promoting Person-centred care

2. Apply practical and creative processes and techniques for practice development to a healthcare issue that aligns with the principles of collaboration, inclusion and participation

Task 3

Participants are to develop a case study based on the following criteria:

Students will demonstrate the use of the practice development tool. Practice Development tools will be demonstrated at workshops 1 & 2 and resources will be provided on the Moodle site. Students will need to clearly demonstrate why this tool has been chosen.

This assessment is in 2 parts.

1. Which tool has been chosen and why?

Demonstration of the tool will be achieved by applying it to an issue you are currently experiencing or have previously experienced in healthcare. Perhaps, there is an issue that you want to find a solution to or you would like to motivate your team members to work with you to improve some aspect of the care you give.

Tip: Make sure the project is small and contained and relates to an issue that could be addressed within a unit and at the micro level of care. Imagine you and your fellow nurses who work together are looking to make a change to a particular aspect of care or process within your ward.  

2. How will the tool be implemented?

Students will develop an action plan that demonstrates how the tool will be implemented, in other words, what do you need to do to start this project? The action plan will explain the short and long term goals for the implementation of the project and should demonstrate an understanding of SMART goals. It must be consistent with Practice Development Principle number 9 by clearly demonstrating CIP (Collaborative, Inclusive, and Participatory) principles, by considering such things as:

1. Who will you be hoping to be involved in your project?

2. What roles might different people have?

3. How will you all communicate about your progress?

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