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Titan II missile silo explosion


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Paper Instructions

Examine newspaper coverage of the event. Select at least TWO newspaper articles or issues of the newspaper from within two months of the event AND at least TWO newspaper articles or issues of the newspaper from after two months after the event. Only one article can be from the New York Times. These can be from the same newspaper or different news papers. It is recommended that students use newspapers.com to find these sources, but not required. Students can download copies of their articles from newspapers.com during the trial period and not have to pay for access, if they time it right.

In an essay, analyze the newspaper coverage. You can develop your own ideas based on what you find, but if you’re having trouble, you might consider:

Whether or not the event was treated as a big deal at first, or whether the story built over time.

If there was a lot of information shared with the public, or if the reporters had to investigate.

If the coverage changed in tone over time.


Your essay must be at least three pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 12point, 1 inch margins, and the first paragraph must start at the top of page one. No need for a cover page, headers, footers, or even your name on your paper, because you are turning it in via D2L. If you do not follow the formatting rules, you will be dropped a letter grade for each major error.

Cite your sources (any and all sources of outside information) using the Chicago Manual of Style, notes and bibliography style. That means foot notes and a bibliography attached. The bibliography DOES NOT count for the page requirement, so will likely be at least your 4th page. Here is a link for how to cite newspaphttp://www.bibme.org/citation-guide/chicago/newspape

Students who fail to cite their sources will receive a zero.

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