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The Wreath-laying Ceremony Essay


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The Wreath-laying Ceremony

The Tomb of the Unknowns symbolizes the infinite sacrifice made by unidentified fallen heroes for their country. It is moment to remember the endless devotion, courage, integrity, honor and selfless sacrifice a soldier must demonstrate. When I look at a portrait of the tomb, it produces a powerful emotion from me. The men and women laid here made unimaginable sacrifice for the wellbeing and freedom of us all. However, their names are not identified in any form at all. Therefore, the Tomb of the Unknown bears more value. It is the only appreciation that we can give the fallen soldiers of the United States. It provides an opportune moment for respect and remembrance of the times these troops experienced: their friends and families as well as essential individuals they met in their lives. It acts as a sign of remembrance of the challenges they endured while serving their beloved country. I would be a perfect candidate to participate in the laying of the wreath because I have a lineage of military family members that have and are currently serving. To be able to participate would be a tremendous honor because not only will I be honoring those that have served, but also I will be able to pay homage to my family members that have served and are currently serving. I know that my grandfathers would be very proud even though they are no longer here. The tomb is a great figure to mark our past, present and the future. The opportunity to participate in the laying of the wreath is an unimaginable historic experience. The tomb honors our great men and women who sacrificed their lives. I could think of no other way to show love and honor to our fallen heroes. I hope I can continue their good work in serving the nation because I would like to attend West Point after high school. We should always honor the Tomb of the Unknowns so that our brave soldiers would be always remembered.