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The Son-Rise Program Essay


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The Son-Rise Program

Developmental disorders compromise different sectors through which a person engages with society. These include social care, employment, education, welfare benefits, health, labor markets, and housing (Masi, DeMayo, Glozier, & Guastella, 2017). The outcome is an individual with a developmental disorder like autism exacting huge economic burden on the family from birth to adulthood (Masi, DeMayo, Glozier, & Guastella, 2017). The Autism Treatment Center of America is a non-profit entity that works with persons with autism and their family members towards improving their quality of life (Autism Treatment Center of America, 2019). It is an agency that reaches out to children and parents with children with autism through the Son-Rise Program towards achieving enhanced interactions and relational outcomes.

The Son-Rise program is essentially meant to advance a social curriculum to caregivers, parents, and persons with autism to empower them overcome developmental milestones (Autism Treatment Center of America, 2019) associated with developmental disorders. The social curriculum maps out the Four Fundamental of Socialization through which parents and caregivers are able to observe, track, and identify the attainment of social-relational goals. The agency identifies autism as the main reason why some persons bear a relational deficit (Autism Treatment Center of America, 2019). By reaching out to a child’s unique motivations, the facilitators are able to teach them skills that allow for learning.

The Son-Rise Program works with families, their children, as well as care giving professionals towards making impactful differences in their lives (Autism Treatment Center of America, 2019). The age of persons with autism represented in the program spans from 18 months to 60 years old and is available in all states within the U.S. (Autism Treatment Center of America, 2019). Mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, cousins, and family friends can participate in the programs. Persons from different professional backgrounds who can enroll for the program include teachers, doctors, special education teachers, music therapists, speech therapists, early childhood education teachers, social workers, nurses, family lawyers, respite workers, and personal assistants.




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