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The Role of Social Institutions


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Select one social institution (e.g., family, religion, education, or government) and briefly describe how this social institution contributes to the transmission of society’s values.

Identify a problem that affects your community.

Describe how you could use research to learn more about the problem.

Locate two scholarly articles in the Walden Library that pertain to your topic. Please locate one quantitative and one qualitative study for review. A qualitative study may focus on interviews and stories. A quantitative study may include numeric data or statistics. Qualitative example: If you were exploring the role that volunteerism plays in high school student academic achievement, you might want to read a case study of youth volunteers in religious organizations. Put another way, look for “story-based” research. Quantitative example: For the same exploration, you might want to read a study that compares college acceptance rates in schools with a strong volunteer presence to schools without volunteers. Put another way, look for “numbers-based” research. Once you have read your articles, consider the new information that you have gained. Write a short description of how the social institution that you’ve selected could use the information that you found in your research to help alleviate the problem or issue that you are exploring.