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The Millennials, the X and Baby Boomer Generations & Their Use of Technology


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The Millennials, the X and Baby Boomer Generations & Their Use of Technology

Follow APA writing style for your paper. Paper should have the following sections (including the title page and table of contents) 1. COVER PAGE 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 3. ABSTRACT/SUMMARY and KEYWORDS 4. INTRODUCTION 5. REVIEW OF LITERATURE 6. PURPOSE OF THE RESEARCH 7. RESEARCH METHOD 8. _____________________________________ 9. CONCLUSSION / SUMMARY 10. REFERENCES Research Report Requirements 1. Paper should be written in a precise and understandable format. 2. Literature must be researched from relatively new sources (more than half the sources should be less than ONE year old). 3. Minimum of 7 to 10 references in the bibliography or reference section 4. Use standard font, not exceed 12 point in size for body text and double-spaced 5. Must use APA style format for writing and citations 6. Must contain visuals such as tables, diagrams and illustrations to convey the information (graphics should occupy approximately one fifth of the body). 7. Paper should be minimum of 13 pages (excluding title, abstract, table of contents and references) 8. Minimum one or two references per page 9. Feel free to discuss with me if you encounter any difficulties while you are engaged in the process of writing this paper. 10. Sources should be a combination of web sites that publish research reports and case studies, Magazines, Research Journals, and Trade Magazines/Journals (APA style citation “internal and external”). 11. No citation of do not use this web site to extract any type information for your research project CHAPTER 1: Introduction Give theoretical background or little history on your topic, and find a way to connect your topic with background Information or history of such topics Purpose of the Research State clearly the purpose of your research project and type of research questions etc. You have to be very clear here. CHAPTER 2: Review of Literature You have to find information about what type of previous work was done on your topic, what others have discovered, etc. This Section need to be written based on articles, books, and other information that you have reviewed for your research, complexity, and review of literature, accuracy of information ). CHAPTER 3: Research Method State clearly the type of METHODS that you used to conduct the research. What type of machines and materials you used, what type of instruments and software, how did you plan to collect data, your sample size, what type of variable that you controlled etc. Depends upon type of your research, this section will have one or more than one table. Conclusion / SUMMARY End your paper with this section. State clearly highlight of your Research, major findings, what did you discover, what can be done in the future on similar topics.

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